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Beach Fun

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Published 11 years ago
This is the story of my wife and I and our first trip to a nudist beach. Like most couples I am more highly sexed than my wife so the idea of a nudist beach really appealed to me but I was not sure how my wife would feel. Anyway we whilst pretending to look for a good spot on the beach we walked up and down and "stumbled" on the nudist part. I was surprised at how happy she was to sit and watch and enjoy the views then after a short while for me to go naked she though it was funny me stripping off. After an hour or so she was comfortable enough to strip naked as well and just lie and watch people walking up and down. She was really interested in the naked men and the different shapes and sizes and being avid people watchers just enjoy the views. A couple of men walked past a number of times and it became clear they were enjoying the views back as they were semi erect and walking close enough to have agood view of my wife. I thought this would put my wife off but the opposite she pretended not to notice and carried on sunning herself. I was getting increasing turned on at these men looking at my naked wife and struggled to conceal my excitement. My wife noticed my increasing girth and strated to gently play with me when no one was watching ( or so we thought). It was then a guy who was reasonably fit walked past and it was clear liked what he was seeing. He walked past then came back and was very clearly rising to the occasion. He then sat a little distance away and lying on his front pretended to sun himself whilst watching us. My wife was very horny by now and I noticed she very gently moved her legs apart to give the guy a clear view of her now swelling lips. He watched for a minute or so then rolled over to reveal a very impressive hard on and gently playing with himself whilst watching us. I was watching him and after a couple of minutes he slowly walked up sitting beside my wife he asked if we were interested in playing in the dunes. I replied no but you can enjoy the view if you want. My cock was fully erect already and this guy just laid down on his side and whist wanking himself with one hand started to rub my wifes leg with the other. My wife had said nothing but just lay there and started to finger herself whilst we wanked either side of her. My wife and I were so turned on - she was fingering herself whilst eyes glued on his cock and I was close to coming watching them - he slowly moved his hand to join hers and started to insert two fingers into her - That was enough for me to see another man enjoying my naked wife I came all over her stomach. This caused my wife to orgasm quickly followed by our friend who shot cum all over her other leg. He said thank you and moved away immediately leaving us alone with my wife covered in two lots of cum. It was only then we noticed another older other man watching and wanking from the dunes behind enjoying the free show. That was our first beach fun but not our last - we still enjoy the nudist beaches and cannot wait for summer to come again. Once you have enjoyed the fun at nude beaches you will never go back to clothing beaches ever again!

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