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beach fun

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Published 7 years ago
Mary and I , Pete, decided to go to the nude beach that we often go to one sunny day. We set up on the sand and started to enjoy the day with a glass of champers and a beer. It was very relaxing just lying there in the sun watching the ocean and the people walking past. As usual a lot of guys go by and turn their head just in time to get a good look at Marys waxed pussy and big boobs. This is always a turn on for us both !! Mary has a great body with the big tits and firm like a teenager. She is very pretty and horny as hell at times. ( Marys tale ) Pete asks me to open my legs when some fellows go past, which i do, with a little emarrasment, but also a great turn on. I've been watching this old well defined, very well HUNG man, walk to and fro from the water and back to the beach. He keeps a watch on how we are progressing throughout the afternoon. A few more champagnes. Pete decides he wants to walk up the beach and would I like to come? I decline as i am in a happy state and relaxing. I keep spying at the mans huge cock whilst my pete is away. He played with his cock slowly and the head was coming out as he got harder. He must of noticed, as he is only about ten feet away, he came over and asked me if i wanted some company. My pussy is so wet from imagining his huge cock in my pussy, or at least sucking it, and staring at it all afternoon and what do i say "oh no, i'm fine, XX#@!! What a complete idiot i was. He seems ok and gathers his things and dissappears!! i am regretting this as the words fall out my mouth and I am deverstated, he has packed up and left. 10 minutes pass and Pete is still wandering on the beach, i'm thinking he has got lucky in the sand dunes and sucking cock which makes me so wetttttt, bastard!!!LOL. I had my opportunatly and blew it !!, But what's this, old mate is back and i ask him if he wants to come up into the sand dunes and have some fun? He said yes. so i grabbed my towel and lead the way making sure i wiggled my arse and bend over when i mounted the sand dune so he could get a good look at my pussy. We find a seculded spot??? He wastes no time at pulling his HUGH cock out from behind his towel, it has been hard since the walk and he must of wrapped the towel around him to conceal his massive member!! I love it !, It's HUGH, and i lovingly gorge myself on his huge penis. Its fat and long, truely amazing!! I want it up my pussy soooo bad. I suck and suck his huge cock which is getting me off, i start fingering myself, i am sooo horny. A few males start coming in and lining up, one is trying to fuck me, which is ok, but i want the big fucker !! Old mate comes in my mouth and all over my tits,which i relish, rubbing it in and massaging his juices all over my tits, he gets the gitters and decides to leave, then; here comes Pete. ( Pete ) I was coming back from my walk and I saw a woman going up into the sand dunes followed by a man and thought that looks interesting. As I got closer I realised Mary was not at our spot on the beach and then my cock got a jolt as it dawned on me that it was my wife that was going up the dunes. I had that sudden feeling in my heart and lungs that you get when you know something is going on and my cock was getting hard as I followed them. I climbed the dunes at another track so I could sneek up and watch without being seen. What I saw blew me away, there were two guys already there watching Mary sitting on her towel sucking off this older guy with a huge cock and with her legs spread and was playing with her clit and pussy with her free hand. There was another guy just in front of her putting a condom on so he could fuck her. Its not every day you get to see this scene in real life so I just wanted to watch wank and enjoy the show. But after a little while it got the better of me and I had to go and fuck her right there. Her pussy was so wet my cock just slipped right in and it felt so good. I fucked her hard and slow so the other guys could get a good look at my cock going in and out of her cunt, the very naughty bitch was loving every minute of it. She was moaning with every thurst and the thought of being watched made her moan even louder as she came all over my cock, I could not help myself and I came all over her back with all the guys watching it was just too horny. At this stage the guy finally got the condon on and slips his cock up her cunt and gives her another good seeing to. Just as his blows up her he pulls out and another guy stands in line so I grab hold of his cock and guide it into her pussy, I love doing this and I give it a couple of strokes as well. Mary is on fire as this guy has a piercing in his cock and although he has a condom on its driving her crazy and she comes again moaning loudly. After he has come he pulls out and Mary decides its time for a swim and heads off to the beach. The guy with the piecing then goes down on me getting me all hard again and then turns around and tells me to fuck him up the arse so I grab a condom and fuck him right there as he is bent over, I pound away whilst holding onto his hips and reach around and play with his cock. His is moaning loudly and pushing back on me as I fucked him harder and harder. This was a first for me but the whole scene was just so fucking horny it seemed right. It also made Mary horny when I told her about it. So Mary has come a long way since the marina story if you read it. We look forward to your feedback. Pete

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