Written by beach fun

4 Mar 2014

my wife and her friend had been going to a local nude beach a few times when I said I might come too, so off we went to the beach which all went well, we stripped off which felt a little weird having not been naked in front of my wife and her friend but all went well hade a great time sunbaking and swimming , this went on for many weeks 3 of us going to the beach , my wife's friend started fooling around trying to put suntan lotion on me then putting sand on me then trying to trip me over so I would get sand all over me etc so I started to do the same thing to her with no trying to stop me and some times my finger would slip into her pussy when we where wrestling and she use to whisper ummm that was nice. we used to sit on each other and tease and dare each other in front of my wife she didn't care they have been friends since school.

then one day we where going to the beach my wife got a phone call to go to work and I asked if I could still go and she said yer no worries , so off I went with her friend to the same beach we just did the same stripping off and sunbaking and I must of went to sleep and I woke up to find her playing with my cock which she continued to do when I woke up properly I didn't take much notice and I was enjoying it after a few hours it was cooling off so we went home as usual.

soon after that my wife had to work most days and she agreed to let us continue going to the nude beach and the same thing she started to tease me making my cock go hard then she started to suck it as well so I started to play with her nipples and suck n lick them and she kept sucking my cock for a long time only stopping when people came close then she would start sucking again when they went this went on for many visits to the beach then it got to the stage one day when I slipped my finger in her pussy which was so tight and wet and it only took a little time and she squirted me from head to toe which used to happen every time I fingered her she was so wet and tight this went on for about a year until one day we started teasing and playing with each other like usual she just kept teasing me until I count resist and more and put my hard throbbing cock into her juicy went cunt which made her squeal it was that intense we didn't see people walk near us or nothing it was the best thing