Written by tomb63

21 Dec 2011

my fb jj and i used to go to the beach 3 times a week. down at the beach jj and i had many fun times and experiences this day it was just a slow day. jj and i had explored each others bodies and inbetween fun we would rest or she would go for a walk. today as we sat after fucking and cumming hard and often, i noticed that we had a few watchers. now this always got jj worked up and wet as she often said that she liked the idea of guys watching us knowing they were hard and playing with them selves, but also knowing that they would not be joining us.(unless asked)

now some of the guys would stand back in the trees and watch, while some would cum a bit closer getting bolder, or they would walk past slowing down as they did so, while others just walked up and sat down beside us, sometimes they would chat to us but mostly they would just sit and watch and wank... jj and i had talked bout guys joining us at different times depending on how we were feeling. we both agreed that guys could join only if we both agreed, and in times when some guys were bold enough to sit next to us we let them join us.

this one day jj was playing with johnny (8inch toy) as she did, as she just was horny all the time... so there we are naked laying on blanket, jj looking round and then opening her legs and slipping johnny in slow and deep. jj is a very expressive gal and noisy as. and when she is in her zone not much will break her of her zone. this day as she played she looked over to me and then away and as i looked up in the direction she was looking i saw a guy standing there with a smile on his face and a big fat cock in his hand. i nodded in his direction and he came up and sat down, as we both watched jj at play, i could see that look in her eyes as the visitor sitting close to jj reached out and touched one of her big soft tits. jj kept johnny working and as she didnt brush his hand away, he moved in closer and kissed jj's nipple, and then her lips.

now jj was getting hotter and hotter and she reached out to grab the guys cock, and then look in my direction, with the look that asked me the question, is it ok if i suck his cock? no words were spoken and as i smiled and nodded she went into action.

sucking his cock i saw jj going hard at it, and i new just what she was doing as id had the same treatment not so long before. so while jj was busy i did what any guy in my position would have done. i moved in and started to finger jj's wet dripping cum filled cunt. as i was working on jj, and she was working on the guys cock i got hard and thought id slip my cock in somewhere, so i did. moving closer behind jj as she was laying down on her side i lifted one of her legs and fingering her cunt i lubbed up my cock with our juices and slipped in her tight arse. pushing my knob in slowly jj moaned with a mouth full of cock. then without anymore adue bam i was in deep and jj moaned loudy as anyone can with a mouth full. working up a steady rythem, i fucked her hard and slow then faster all the while this guy was getting sucked good. watching her suck cock is always good for me and soon i filled her arse with my hot seed, as the guy filled her mouth, and the good girl jj is she never spilt any.