Written by mrnmrsE

19 Aug 2011

Being in control

I had seen it happening,a look there dancing cheeky little hand on the ass. I had no problem as I knew them both well enough to know it was harmless. After 8 years we had an amazing sex life and I had no worries about satisfying her every need.

The flirting was quite fun to watch, and most of the time everything was quiet normal. Well with rachel being with me and Adam and jess had moved in together and things where getting serious there. But after a few drinks rachel might lean down extra low to pick up her bag. Those soft white e cup boobs where enough to get anyone's attention. I know Adam moved rachel's bourbon cans to the bottom shelf of the fridge, in prime position for a great view of my wife's sexy ass.

One big night out, just me and rachel and Adam and jess. We booked two rooms in the city, no one likes that trek home. And we hit the town, wow what a blur. At some point in the night jess and I where having a smoke in the cramped outdoor balcony of some exclusive club. Adam and rachel come back with our drinks and as I grab mine rachel kisses me full on and I feel her tongue probing my lips. I notice Adam is all over jess as well. Then I find out why, when 2 small pills slip from her tongue to mine. Tonight about to get interesting

we danced for what seemed like a lifetime. We where all pretty fucked at this point maybe 1 am. Pulsing to the music, a few times jess and rachel swap over and I wonder as we bump and grind against each other if she has seen what Adam has been up to. Tat tort gets lost in the haze as I see my smoking wife dancing away like the world could end. Adam had to be hard cos I was watching. Jess leans close and yells over the music”u wana smoke” “sure” I say. I turn to Adam and rachel and signal with my hand im going for a smoke. Adam yells “your shout”..... nice.

We head of as those to keep dancing. Wow what a night, everything was just a blur. We get out to the balcony and jess pulls out her packet of smokes to see it was empty. Fuck.... I have one we can share it I say. I want some more give me a draw and ill go out the front and get a pack. She takes off in a puff of smoke. I head back inside and make my way to the bar . Its busy so I glance over the club and I see them .

Earlier was some harmless dancing. This was going to leave a wet spot on the leg of his jeans the way she was grinding on his thigh. I know exactly how wet it makes her. What I couldn't quiet get over was how hard it was making me. They where really letting loose. I know if jess saw this she would flip .. so I figured id give them 3 minutes. I saw rachel's hand slide around from his back, down his chest and down the the quite viable bulge in his pants, she gave it a good squeezes and as she did I see jess walking towards the bar. Shit think quick. I drop my drink. It dose the job and we all keep partying. It never came up so I figured know one know I was watching.

But then I got a bit to cheeky. grab her boobs as she got out of the car right in front of me, stand behind her with his hand on her ass while I was there. Rachel made a comment after a barbaque with all of our friends. She said “ that Adam, I know he loves jess but he is a bit handsy .

I took it in for a minute as we cleaned up and it got the better of me. Playing dumb, as if I hadn't noticed what was going on. What do u mean. I said. Well we have always had a bit of a flirt u know that. “yeah” well I was just I bit over the top tonight. “ what did he do” just a grab on the ass of feeling my boobs, just a bit rougher and a bit to public.

Well I say I did notice I bit tonight, what do u want to do. …... nothing I don't know.

Well I like u cos yr a dominate woman. I say its fine if your in control. Really yr not bothered rachel questions . I know yr mine babe. I don't mind if u have a bit of fun. As long as your in control.

Well how do I get back in control of Adam. Show him who's boss. Ok ill but some thought into it.

Few nights later I get home from work and she tells me Adam if going to pop over for a drink and I'm not posed to be hear. I had no idea id get front row seats. What are u going to do in a teasing tone. I know what rachel being the boss is all about and Adam was in for the ride of his life.

So where can I watch from. I say. Pantry she giggles im going to have him on the kitchen bench.

I dont have to wait long. Adam rocks up on time and they head into the kitchen rachel grabs a bottle of champagne and pops the cork. Soaking her white top. Nice ice breaker. Adam cant help himself and licks some champagne of her cleavage. That was all she needed.

She reached down and grabbed his whole cock and balls and hard he winced but didn't move. She pressed her body against him and said I have a good thing going hear , but I set the limits right. He nods his junk still in her vice . So be polite and dont do it while my husband is watching, dont worry about him but just dont do ok .. more nodding. With an extra squeze and a whimper from him she said and be gentle if u are going to grab me be nice about it.

She stepped back a little still holding his cock and I could see her grim loosen a little.

Now she said. Since I have given u some rules I better show u how u can benefit from my rules. she started caressing his dick through his pants. It was getting hard quickly and I could see from the grin on her face she was glad.

Get yr clothes of and get on the counter..... now.

Didnt take him long she had him lay on his back so his ass just rested on the counter. He had a nice size cock and I could see it pulsing as he lay in anticipation of what was going to happen next

she grabbed his cock with on hand and his balls with the other. This is all u get... right a hand job when I say so. Ask me for one and u will never get another …... understand. He nods and wipers ok.

She starts jacking him off, and doing a great job. I see her pick up the lube and know he is about to get it. Two fingers slide straight in his ass. He Is surprised but takes them like he had done it before. She starts finger fucking his ass and jacking his cock and before long he is moaning like crazy. Oh yeah um going to cummm ready ahhhhhhhghhh she pointed his cock straight back and unloaded his hot spunk all over his face. Spurt after spurt, some even went in his mouth. But he didnt care he was in ecstasy. Still moaning the whole time.

When his cock stopped pulsing she slid her fingers from his and and have him a nice slap on the ass. Look at the mess u have made u filthy boy, sam will be home in 20 minutes u had betta clean up and go home.

He didnt muck around and was dressed in less than a min. as he was going to leave rachel a=said remember the rules adam...... oh dont worry I will bye......

I could tell by her foot steps as she came back in the kitchen she was strutting. As she walked past the pantry she giggled and said how that for control