Written by tanya_1966

2 Sep 2013

I was talking to this guy online for a week or so and got up the nerve to meet him. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised with what stood before me. He was really pleasant on the eyes. He smiled and I responded with a nervous smile and we started chatting in the privacy of his home. We shared a drink and an some direct conversation on sex, desires and fantasies. The more we sat and talked about things the wetter I became, not that I wanted to let him know at that stage. As time went along I thought this guy was a really nice person and was pretty sexy. He was very direct and new what he wanted when in came to the sex side of things. He asked me what I liked about sex and if I had any sexual fantasies that I had not fulfilled and I replied by saying many. That was the beginning of something that you could only dream about. We kissed and I was that turned on I climaxed three times while kissing him. We moved from the bar area to the bedroom and he proceeded to finger me, and suck my nipples all at the same time. I climaxed again and again and then he slid down to my pussy and fingered me while sucking and licking my clit. This guy really new what buttons to press. I felt that I owed him some pleasure before I had to leave so I started to suck his 8" cut cock. I had never swallowed and deep throated before and I was thinking while I was sucking him that this is my opportunity to fulfil one of my fantasies. With that he put his hand on the back of my head and placed a gentle force as he was shafting his cock in and out of my mouth. He talked me through it and as I gagged a few times he slowed to allow me time to breath. I semi mastered the art of deep throat on this occasion and fuck it felt good, just as good as when he shot his load into my mouth and then I swallowed his cream. It was a beautiful meeting and I climaxed six times. We have met a few times since which has been more experimental and taken me beyond my sexual boundaries. Stay tunes, you ain't heard nothing yet