Written by tanya_1966

4 Sep 2013

Hi everyone, I hope you got enjoyment from reading about my experience in instalment 1. Well here is a little bit more spice for you. By the way telling the story is not as much fun as doing the story. I met my special man for the second time, once his place. I had a few less nerves and was excited about starting where we left off the week before. I never saw myself as a submissive player in the bedroom but with this guy it is heaven. Once again we started with a long passionate kiss and then he pulled his lips away from mine and glided his tongue up the side of my neck and behind my ear, then he bit my ear lobe gently, my breathing increased and he knew I was not far off cum-ing. Our lips met once more and that was it, I climaxed like a tap. Shit he can kiss. We had a little break and had a nice chat then the training commenced. In my mind I really wanted to master the art of deep throat and I really wanted to taste his cum again. While we were getting each other undressed he turned me around and blind folded me. I was immediately aroused as I had know idea what was going to happen next. He then tired my hands behind my back. For some reason I trusted this guy.I was that wet and excited by this a climaxed twice. I had never been restrained before but I really liked the feeling. He then positioned me on the bed having me on my knees spread wide apart. I was as horny as ever because I could not see what he was going to do to me, then he squeezed my tits which I just love (on the edge of pain and pleasure), and then he proceeded to suck my nipples causing me to cum again. I was breathing heavy by this stage and needed a drink which he guided a bottle of water to my mouth. Then he started to tie my tits up with rope. He went round a number of times on each of my tits tightening each loop and then finished by joining the ends around the back of my neck. I had never felt anything like it before and it felt incredibly sensual, erotic and sexy . He then started to play with my tits and nipples and I climaxed twice in a row. At this point I had been taken to a sexual place I never had been before and I knew I wanted to come back for a visit. Time was running out so he then rolled me onto my side and hung my head over the side of the bed while I still had my blindfold on and hands tied. He proceeded to stick his cock in my mouth. I said to him (in a muffled sound!!) that I wanted to practise deep throat. With that he went a little slower talking me through how best to position my tongue and the angle of my throat. It was beautiful. This time I got it a little deeper gagging an a couple of occasions causing me to cum again before he blew his load of tasty cum into my mouth. What a way to finish my second fling with this guy. Liberated sex with someone you connect with is magic. I let you count how many times I climaxed in two hours. Send me your comments.Stay tuned for my next instalment, I hope you like it because I loved doing it.