10 Jun 2017

I drove to Armidale and checked in about four I guess her face in the foto was gorgeous full lips big eyes but dyed blonde hair . Showered and went for a walk she was working till bout ten in a restaraunt and I thought I might need some sustenance later. A counter meal and a beer later that nervy feeling is kicking in and I'm checking my shave as I love licking and sucking a sweet woman and like that wet on my smooth sensitive chops. .ten comes and goes and finally I catch a glimpse of her across the driveway from the second floor...I opened the door and was stunned by her looks and leather jacket tight jeans spiky blonde hair she kissed me in the doorway and then licked my cheek as she brushed past me like a boss ..she looked like a sex ninja and I told her that pouring a drink for us both ..I lit a smoke and stepped to the open door and she sucked the smoke from my mouth ...I pushed her back inside closed the door and she climbed onto me fully clothed our crotchedls grinding into each other and thumping me into the door she was strong so I slipped around her turning her against the door as I lifted her legs over my shoulders she went with it so smoothly like an athlete as I then reached around her thighs and unbuckled her belt unzipping her jeans and pulling them under her buttocks her hot mound into my mouth ....sweet delicious beautifully wet when she came leather jacket still on she wanted my cock now as she slithered down my body .........