Written by Donna

5 Nov 2016

My lover was up in Sydney for a few days and I took a day off work to spend with him after a big night of activity where we hardly slept.. it was nice waking up next to him with his arms around me and his manhood resting between my bum cheeks... not forcing them apart but just resting there and it was still quite moist from our activity during the early hours of the morning..

I prepared a picnic basket and packed a blanket.. We drove up there chatting about our lives and our recent 3sum and the swingers evening we went to.. We were both worked up as usual and although I don't recall who was driving, I know I had my hand around his gearstick and he had a finger (or 2) between my legs in my wet crevice..(When is it not wet these days).

It was late June 2015 and it was not warm but the sun was lovely on my skin.. We decided not to picnic and just went for a walk.. I don't think he had any idea what I had in mind which was to find a nice exposed spot and play.. We sat on the south eastern side of the basin and had a chat while we drank our coffee but I was more interested in getting my hands on his manhood..

We walked around to the house and there were a few people around mainly retired couples (it was a weekday after all).

We continued in a circuit until we sat down on a slope in the sun which was just over a rise and we settled at a place which did not have a direct view of the picnic spots near the house or the picnic spots above the water near the crossing..

We sat side by side and I moved to sit on his lap facing him and we started kissing.. I felt his hardness grow and I started grinding harder wanting more.. His hips started moving in rhythm to mine. I quickly reached down and undid the zip on his Levi 501s .. Nice blue and I also undid the belt.. Standard fare.. But I did not remove them all the way.. Just down on his thighs so that he could not spread his legs and his balls sat proud between his thighs not squeezed, but when I sat on him I would be able to feel them against my perineum and my bum pushing and squeezing against me.. The nice strong pubic hair caressing me and reminding me of his manliness..

I stood up and ripped my pants off (yes I was wearing track pants and should have known better..) but this was half the fun.. No most of the fun!!

I straddled him and sunk him into my depths... He gripped my bum cheeks and squeezed them and used them to move me up and down on his shaft. That is the other think I like about a long appendage.. I could slide a long way up and down on him.. And because he is so broad I always feel full.. Even when he is on the very edge.. He is 9 inches long and 6 around.. when he first told me I thought BS! What an arrogant so and so.. but now that I have it well .. I really do like it and its changed what I want and expect these days..

I just went along for the ride, and the curve of his manhood did its job on my front g-spot.. and I was gone.. I so wanted to shove a breast into his face.. but I had clothes on.. the best I could do was shove all I had in his face and smothered him.. lol.. and he was grasping for breath, and nibbling my neck and at the same time inserted one and then a second finger into my bum.. this sent me off I and I started squirting - wetting all of his tummy with the cum running down onto his jeans.. I was lost and he was moving me.. I was just going with the flow so to speak.. and his tongue in my neck and ears were also driving me wild.. I get so lost in these situations, and just let myself go to the feelings and sensations.. the earth could crash and I would not notice.

He started moving up into me even faster and then suddenly stopped and just rocked me back and forth.. grinding me into his shaft even more but also against his pubic bone.. I think he was having a rest.. I had no intention of stopping and I did not care who was there or not there.. I just kept grinding away and moving on him.. and then he started shoving himself into me.. and we raced to his cum.. OMG.. he moved up into me with a ferocious speed im sure he bruised me.. but I did not give a damn.. I felt my self opening wider as the air got to my wetness and then I felt his wonderful splashing against my insides.. I rode him and sucked his juices into me while he was collapsed and almost comatose below me.. I took a few photos of us then.. and just rolled off him and let the sun kiss my flesh.