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Best Friend's Wife and Her Boss

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Published 3 years ago
Well I've always fancy and fantasied about my mate's wife since I'd first met her. He's Caucasian and she is Singaporean Asian. Not a petite but voluptuous, firm and full bodied lady about 165cm in height and 58-60kgs. I remember spending time with them at beaches and pools on many occasions and she would be in this tight and sexy bikini. In my private time I would masterbate with those images in my mind. With an unbelievable turn of events, one time my mate confided that he was a suspicious and peeved off with his wife's boss. He suspected that he had the hots for her and was been wining and dining her during lunch breaks. Now he never doubted that she had cheated on him, as she was a devout Christian girl and he was her first. She was innocent in her thoughts of her boss. She was grateful for the opportunity he had afforded her with employment, her first job in Oz and so thought he was just be exceptionally friendly. From discussions with my mate, I learnt that he was a 45 year, divorcee, balding not fat but larger built man. Certain things he had explained indicated that he was crossing the line in employer and employee professional relationship. My mate is a consultant so many times in the year he has to travel interstate or overseas for work related matter. During one of his trip which was an extensive one he would be away for several weeks overseas, he asked me to keep an eye on his Mrs. So in good faith, seeing that his Wife and I worked in the CBD, I'd arrange to meet her for dinner on a Friday night after work and I would accompany her home afterwards. We only resided a suburb away from each other. Well after I finished work, I met her at her office. When I had arrived, she seemed abit tipsy and exceptionally friendly in a very jovial manner but looking damn sexy in her office attire. She was wearing a shortish skirt with business shirt which amplified her cleavage. Anyway it was just her Boss and her left in the office. She introduced me to her Boss and we got the formalities out of the way with the general meet and greet chit chat. He seemed like a personably person, friendly with gift of the gab, very salesman like. He explained that they had a successful week so he celebrated with his staff with long lunch and an early mark for everyone at work. So as my mate's Mrs was waiting for me for our dinner appointment (which she must have told him) it was just him and her left after the rest of the staff departed for the weekend. They had been drinking apparently for the last few hours. They both offered me a drink, so I decided I would have one before we proceeded to dinner. At the back of my mind I was having these thoughts of the perverted boss, but he was making an initial good impression. I found myself slightly conflicted. This was a bloke my mate didn't like but three of us were having a good time chatting over drinks. Anyway as I finished my drink and suggested to the mate's Mrs we should be headed off. Given the amount she had to drunk, she was quite tipsy then and when she stood up she fell down. After she had fallen, her skirt rode up her legs displaying her in a sexy green lacey silky tback panties. Whilst still concern with her fall, the sight of her in her panties started wild thoughts in my head. I glanced across at her Boss and noticed that his glaze was also fixated on her legs too. We both moved to help her up and I noticed that he had a hard on. The mate's Mrs was okay, she was laughing as we helped her and saying that the alchol were taking effect. Surprising the Boss suggested that maybe given the tipsy state that she was in and he had no other Friday night plan, that he could order take away food back to the office, his treat and let the alchol effect subside and that he would give us a lift back afterwards. Seeing the state that she was in, i agreed with was a reasonable suggestion. The mate's Mrs agreed. Supposedly we were staying back to let the alchol dissipate but funnily enough all three of us had more drinks. I was surprised how well I was getting on with her Boss. We were having too good of a time we forgot to order the food. Three of us had receded back to the Boss's office where he had a TV and a sofa and continue drinking. Now things got interesting and maybe it was the drinks speaking, my mate's Mrs had gone to the ladies and I don't recall but we ended up talking about her and how hot she was. Then he confided in me not knowing that I had the hots for her too. Sheepishly we brought up about her sexiness when she had accidentally displayed her panties with the earlier fall. Just as we touched upon that, the mate's Mrs stumbles back into the office tipsly and sat down between us on the sofa. She said that she was feeling abit of an ache from her fall, both the her Boss and I just looked at each other. Cunningly the Boss immediately mentioned that he had done massage courses in the past and immediately offered to my mates Mrs to give her a geniune massage. She intially declined but her Boss gave me an encouraging glance without her noticing and I suggested it was a good idea given she may have hurt herself from the fall. The Boss piped in and said that I could help out and that 4 hands were better than two. She hesitantly agreed. So intially he got her to sit on chair facing us and asked me to follow his actions. It started innocently enough, started by massaging her feet, myself on one side and her Boss on the other. Her skirt started to ride up and we both were getting peeps of her panties again. This was making me horny and I could tell from the look on the Boss's face and pants so was he. He decided to step up the situation at at this time suggested that she get more comfortable and remove her shirt and skirt so that we can focus on a full bodied massage. Again she was hesitant but I suggested to her that in her bra and panties would be no different than when she was in her bikini at the beach. She was such in a relaxed state that she agreed. Her Boss went to dim the light to enhance the relax state of the environment. She undressed to her underwear. Both her Boss and I were salvating with the sight in front of us. She laid down on her stomach as her Boss proceeded on her back whilst i worked on her feet moving upwards. At this time I was hard as. As we progress, she fell into a very relaxed state and got very comfortable. I'm not sure what the Boss had whispered in her ears but she allowed him to unbuckle her bra and move her panties down a notch where you could see her bottom's crevice. As we proceeded with massaging my excitement was becoming unbearable, her Boss gave me a wink and convinced her to turn over and be on her back. He worked on her shoulders for a little while as her Bra had been unhooked before as he purposed worked towards her chest. He brilliantly nudged it off and it exposed her bountiful breats. The nipples were standing to attention and he worked his hands on them. She just whimpered and did not open her eyes. Her Boss gave me a look and directed my attention to her panties. I firmly and gently removed them exposing the hairiest but sexy pussy. Without any further thoughts I dove in and gave her pussy a tongue lashing, whilst the the boss was still playing with her nipples and breast. After she gave out a moan of enjoyment both her Boss and I removed our clothes. As soon as I was naked and with her lying on the sofa naked too, I spread her leg and pentrated her. With the excitement and yearning for her body it wasn't long before I exploded inside her. After I had finished her Boss placed her in the Doggy position but he entered her anally. She was moaning in estasy and pain. The sight of another man fucking my mates wife got me horny again, that we tagged team her. This went on until the early hours.......

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