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Bi discovery

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Published 7 years ago
I've previously told of my first 3sum with a couple I met here and my first time sucking cock. After that experience I couldn't get the thought of having a cock in my mouth out of my mind. I was chatting to a young guy in the chat room. And he was curious to see what it was like to pull another guy off so I invited him to coffee to see if he was also interested in my mouth. We met and he'd done a bit of research in to men's clubs on the coast and I followed him to one at Ashmore. It was $10 to get in and wow was it worth it their were TVs everywhere with porno's showing and naked guys just lounging around. We undress and masturbated while watching the other guys and the porn. He reached over and took my cock in his hand and slowly started pulling me off I've got to say it was great. Their were a few guys standing watching us which was a real turn on. One guy got a little closer and I reached out and grabbed his cock and started playing with it. My cock was being expertly massaged and I got so horny I pulled the guy standing over to me and took his cock in my mouth fuck he was big and forcing his cock down my throat. By now their was about 10 guys watching us and masturbating what a turn on. The guy pulling my cock had a guy sucking him off and the guy fucking my mouth started to quicken his thrust he cried out he was about to cum and was pulling away from my mouth I grabbed his arse pulling him back into my mouth. With that I had the best sexual experience ever his hot cum exploded in my mouth and I blew at the same time. Their was cum blowing all over the place. I've been to other men's venues since and have always enjoyed myself. I still love pussy but sucking cock is great, if your at all curious try it you'll love it.

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