Written by julieserverious

13 Oct 2013

my girlfiend Rhonda took me to a swingers night , been before but this was a new club, she said you got to try my body sensation , so I thought fuck yeah im into anything that's pleasure , I strode around naked mingling with everyone there, cute guys great looking women too lots of bi guys bi girls cuddling touching each other up it was watch, I was getting very wet looking at everyone getting it on when Rhonda strode up said now girl ur turn , we went into a room there was 5 guys all good looking standing there , she told one goy to lay down I then sat on his face while he licked my pussy with his long tongue god it was great came in min then I moved down to his cock sat on top of him slowly I slid down on this 9 in ch cock slowly felt it brush through my walls tight fit ohh yes nice then slowly rode him as im just enjoying it my eyes closed , the other guy bends me forward licks my arse ohhh the thrill of a guy rimmimh my arse just so nice then he slid his cock into my arse, ohh fuck slowly he slid in till he was fully in leaning forward I then started to suck the guy in front me his 7in cock was already dripping from his wanking watching it all happen around him, then we all started moving in time to each other well it was mind blowing I started orgasiming straight away then two ther goys got beside me and sucked on a breast each that set me off I was flying from one orgasim to another iots was rocking I saw people watching wanking I was in a blur my arse my pussy my mouth my tits all going at the same time it was sensational, we all fucked together at the same for 40min im told till I passed out with so many orgasims it shook my body like never before ohh how I loved it . I quickly came to my senses , they were all laughing , never had they have a woman have so many orgasims lol , let me tell u we all kissed fucked a bit more then we all relaxed with a few drinks , ill do that again any time