Written by Paul

20 Jan 2012

Just recently I turned 35 and my wife gave me a present that suprised me and left us both sorry. Leading up to my birthday my wife Rachel asked me other then her who I would really like to have sex with. I told her I always wanted to sleep with an Asian lady.

A few weeks passed and it was my birthday and Rachel had arranged for me to have the day off work. I thought that I was going to spend it with her in bed but I was wrong. Instead Rachel told me to get in the car and she blind folded me. when we got to where we were going and Rachel removed the blind fold and said happy birthday. I asked where we were and she told me outside an Asian brothel, as this was a guarantee for me to sleep with an Asian lady. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

Rachel told me that she had already rung them and it was ok for her to watch myself and a prostitute have sex. Before we went in Rachel told me that this was a place with mature Asain ladies as she did not want me to have sex with a young hot one as she would not want me to make this a regular thing. We were greated by an older lady who showed us to a room. All that was in this room was a massage table and a chair.

I was then shocked when the lady asked if I wanted protected or unprotected sex. Before I could say protected Rachel answered for me and said unprotected. My wife then handed over $50 and the lady left the room. I asked Rachel if this was a smart thing to do and she told me to shut up and enjoy my present.

Soon after an Asian lady entered the room and introduced herself as Jenny and told me to undress and to lay down. I quickly did so and Jenny was quick to stick my cock in her mouth. At this stage Rachel was in the corner just watching. Soon I was hard and Jenny slid my unprotected cock into her pussy. I must admit it was nice and I looked over to my wife and she told me to just relax and enjoy it.

Jenny was moving up and down on my cock and soon we changed positions and I entered her from behind. Soon after I started to feel my balls tighten and I held Jenny's hips and with a deep final thrust I unloaded into her pussy. I rolled off and Jenny cleaned me up with a baby wipe. I got dressed and my wife and I left.

As soon as we got home we were in bed and Rachel was riding me. She really got off and came hard. I soon followed and unloaded in her.

That was the best birthday present that I had ever got. Unfortunately a week later when i was pissing razor blades. Jenny had given me clamydia. Rachel has been lucky at this stage and does not have it.