Written by Dave

22 Jan 2014

My story is true, maybe strange but I found this period of time extremely exciting.

My wife and I had decided to split; it was like many splits quite nasty. We however ended up in the situation where we lived together but slept, ate, and did everything apart. Sometime however there would be a need to enter each other’s bedrooms for clothes and such like, like I said it was nasty so knocking and abrupt rudeness were the norm.

I worked shifts and was often asleep when she would enter my room before going to work she would get clothes or a coat. One particular time I was naked, not hard, but clearly on show. Ii was dozy and just lay there thinking fuck it! I became aware that she spent far more time in my room than she normally would. I didn’t think much about it though it did make my cock stir. Then it reached a point where I used to lie on the bed with a stiff cock waiting for my wife to come in. I found I enjoyed this, so I started to do it regular. She would always to stay longer than she needed to, and although I was pretending to be asleep, her looking at my cock excited me. This only made my cock harder, and after she left I would often sort myself out.

Several days later, thinking she was out I awoke to go to the loo, I had a raging stiffy, a really good one! I walked out, only to meet her on the landing as she came up the stairs. I only had a T shirt on and a fantastic erection. I quickly apologised saying I didn’t think anyone was in. She said nothing but obviously saw my hard cock. It was that evening that she commented. “Did you have a wank this morning?” She asked outright. I said no quickly and was taken aback and felt quite cornered, excited by the question but cornered. She wouldn’t let the subject go and although I started to leave the room she followed me. “You must have sorted yourself out! Your cock was really hard; you looked like you needed a good cum, you must have had a wank”. She saw how uncomfortable I was with the questions and she loved it but secretly so did I.

Following that day there were many questions some extremely nasty and said with her acid tongue. She would even “wake me” first thing in the morning by squeezing my cock and balls roughly. She would say venomously “I’m going to work now so you can can pull your cock all you want, you wanker!” She would leave I found it so exciting that I would pull myself off and have a great cum thinking about her. She was gorgeous.

I am sure she was getting fucked elsewhere and that so excited me, she never told me outright but the indications were there and she wasn’t 'sex shy.

There was one time that really excited me. She was getting ready to go out with her friends I walked into the bedroom and she was half dressed had her jeans on but not her top. She was adjusting her nipples so they weren’t covered by her bra so both her nipples just sat on top of the material. She had large nipples. She was adjusting them so they could be seen when she had her top on. I thought she would stop or pretend she was doing something else when I went into the room. But she didn’t, she just carried on. She took ages doing it, adjusting her nipples. I think she enjoyed me watching her. This was quite unusual. She had quite small tits and big nipples though they were fantastic but she wouldn’t often show them like that, or be as open as that. She would happily show her pussy but often shy about her tits, but not tonight. Even after she put her top on she put her hands in her bra, pushing her tits up and arranging her nipples so they would show. When she had finished she pulled her top tight looked in the mirror saying “yeah, that’s better, that’s good. I’m sure that will stiffen a cock or two tonight” I remember my own cock getting hard. She then went out and was out till very early morning.

Another time she was on the way out and pulled her skirt up and pulled her knickers low enough to show me she had given herself awesome Brazilian. She laughed looking down at her neatly trimmed pussy and said “This will get the boys going don’t you think, the guys will love this? I spent ages shaving and trimming it I’m sure it will be appreciated tonight!” She laughed and left again returning in the early hours. I asked her if she had a good night the following morning. “Awesome” was her reply, “was your work worth it?” “Fuck yes”. She left the room.

Sometimes we would still have sex in this back drop of nastiness. There was one occasion after she had been out she came into my bedroom in the early hours and climbed into my bed. I asked what she was up too and she said girls enjoyed random sex as well. She asked me to oral her, which I did, she was already naked and her pussy was soaking, I could feel her grinding her wet pussy into my mouth, at one pint she crouched over my mouth sitting on my face squeezing her pussy as I tongued her. She asked "could I taste it?" I brought her off with my mouth several times, even as I was tonguing her I wondered if she would tell me she had a pussy full of another guys cum and it was that I was tasting. Her pussy was that wet. After she came on my mouth she told me not to read anything into this but if I wanted to fuck her I should fuck her quickly. I did fuck her and pumped my load into her and she left. I asked her following day what it was all about and she repeated her comment on enjoying random sex and fancying getting fucked! I asked if she had had a nice evening I was told to mind my own business. My own feelings were that me fucking her was the second time she had been screwed that night and she had had me taste a guy’s cum inside her.

She knew and understood men. If she wanted sex I think she would make sure she was fucked. If it was me, OK but if I wasn't there she wasn't afraid to make sure she was serviced by someone. How she went out dressed all slutty and her comments and how the evening unfolded I think she went looking for cock and most likely found it, and was happy for me to finish or clean her up.

With my wife it wasn’t always me that was showing her my cock and pretending it was by accident. Sometimes she “flashed” to me as well. Sometimes it must have been when she wanted sex because I would end up giving her a good fucking other times I think it was a game. Maybe she enjoyed it as well.

She would sometimes come and watch TV after a shower and sit on the sofa in just a very short nightdress on. When she sat with her legs up I could often either see her pussy or get glimpses of as she moved, crossed and uncrossing her legs. I used to enjoy watching her.

One time I commented that I could see her. She just told me to “enjoy the view, I might as well look because I’m never going to fuck her again!” and just sat there with her pussy on show. I never fucked her that time, but wanked myself off later in bed.

Once she walked into the lounge again nastily accusing me of wanking, she had a vicious mouth. I think I was playing with my cock then but not wanking properly. She told me to show her my cock. I took my cock out for her she just grunted and swore and laughed at me and went upstairs. Telling me I was wasting my time because my cock wasn’t even hard. She liked a hard cock and I was pathetic. She came down even nastier 10 minutes later in just a short nightdress. She just walked up to my chair beside me and lifted her nightdress, she had no pants on I could clearly see her pussy inches from my face. She just laughed and said. “Maybe seeing this will make your dick hard” I asked what she was doing. she stood for a couple of minutes with her cunt just inches from my face laughing at me. She even opened her pussy lips with her fingers as she stood there. She laughed nastily saying “making your cock stiff so you can have a wank!” Then she went to bed sneering. My cock then had got hard so I did wank myself off after she left. Good cum too.

On more than one occasion she would try and talk to me, I would show no interest or tell her to leave me alone and she would pull her jeans down, pants as well. Just stand with her pussy on clearly on show. “Interested now aren’t you? You don’t want to talk and aren’t interested but once I show you my cunt you want to know! Beautiful cunt isn’t it, have a good look because you won’t ever fuck it again!” she would say this often parting her lips in front of me. She would openly use the word “cunt” on these occasions although at one time she would have recoiled at it use. But now in the nastiness it was the norm. She even asked “we need to talk, if I have to show you my cunt to get your attention I will, just say. Even if your cock gets stiff, I expect it will ha ha you won’t’ be fucking it. Just looking”. It excited me so much. She had a gorgeous cunt.

Another time where she was exceptionally vicious she was going out again; she was as always hot as fuck when she went out. I sat watching TV, she walked in and changed to channel to a porn channel on sky. I just sat there and didn’t say anything as she scrolled through the channels. She then commented that we had found a good channel for me, a young girl was getting fucked, she said we had something in common that night. I asked what she laughed viciously that it was obvious that we would both be playing with cocks tonight, only I would be playing with my own, she commented she had put the porn channel on so I could have a wank while she was out! I stood up to walk out she followed me spitting venom saying “I wasn’t big you know?” I asked what that was meant to mean? “Your cock! What do you think I mean? I have had loads of cocks a lot bigger than yours, your cock isn’t that big!” She held her two forefingers together and opened them slowly, they reached a distance of 8 or 9 inches apart, she smiled saying "big cock!" she held one hand up and opened her thumb and forefinger looking at my groin saying "you, small cock! Now I have had some big cocks I have no idea what I saw in you. You have no chance keeping a girl happy." She laughed. I told her to fuck off and go find a bigger one then. She laughed viciously saying it was already planned and walked out. She didn’t return until the early hours. Although I found it incredibly insulting and humiliating I found it exciting. The following morning I lay there playing with my cock and thought fuck it, she can only tell me to fuck off. So I text her in the next room. “Not sure if you got lucky last night but do you fancy getting fucked this morning?” Her reply was, “Yeah was lucky, what is all this about, what do you want?” “I fancy fucking you” I replied. “What even after last night, getting lucky as you put it?” was her response. “Yes” I replied. Her surprising response was “OK then another fuck would go down well!” I entered her room knowing I was likely just getting sloppy seconds.

I went into her room and fucked and oralled her pussy all over the bed, it excited me so thinking that there was a high likelihood she already had a pussy full of cum the night before. I pushed my tongue deep into her and she ground her pussy onto my mouth, so if she had any sperm inside her I was sure to have tasted it in her. She sat on my mouth again squeezing, I knew she was making sure I was taking into my mouth and tasting whatever was in her pussy. I asked her if she had been fucked the previous night. She smiled saying no not the evening, about 2.30 in the morning, she laughed pushing her pussy onto my mouth. I asked if her lover had cum inside her. "You tell me she said" as I licked her deeply. "carry on put your tongue deep it would be good if you taste him". I felt I should recoil but I knew I done this before. I knew I had tasted her lovers sperm several times now, so I carried on licking and tasting her. She confirmed it by saying you have tasted his cum before so just enjoy it. I do." I asked her if she had sucked his cock. Even kissing her thinking that those pretty lips had been around another guys cock gave me such a buzz. Seeing her mouth on my cock knowing that had been sucking other guys pricks is so exciting. "Of course I have I love sucking his cock, and yes if I am not in a position for him to fuck me I do bring him off with my mouth, I do taste and swallow his dirt before you ask, I want you to enjoy now, lick me!"

I licked and tasted her lovers cum, I fucked her she sucked my cock and I added my load to what was left of his.

After that event she continued to go out obviously getting fucked and more than once text me from her room in the early hours saying her boyfriend had left her messy, she didn't fancy being fucked again but If I wanted to tongue her clean she would give me a thank you hand job, I never fucked her again but I had several thank you hand jobs from her. I would just enter lick her well fucked pussy until she was happy that she was clean of all her lovers cream. She would get hold of my cock and pull me off insulting the size telling me how much bigger and better her lovers cocks were. I would always cum quickly. She would barely give me time to recover, if I didn't spunk into a tissue she would give me a one nad just tell me to fuck off out.

I Loved her.

The nastiness continued the divorce came through and now they are just great memories. I am sure some other guy(s) are enjoying her.