Written by flamenbait

21 May 2014

The rain was not going to stop, i sent J a message to see what was up, she sent back here is T`s address meet us there in 1 hour. Could not wait, It had been a long week since i had tasted both those ladies i could nearly smell their scent already. As i pulled up in the drive i noticed J`s car not there so i thought she was just running late, knocked on the door and 2 voices said come in, as i walked in and shut the door i turned to see T walking towards me naked, She said hi gave me kiss and said we have been waiting for you, I could smell her aroma as she led me up the hallway, She was wet and obviously they had started without me. We walked into the large room at the back of the house next to the deck area where i saw J laying on the bed playing with one of the vibrators on the bed.

T helped me undress then she laid on the bed and started kissing J`s hot pussy, J said come lay next to me and watch this girl work her magic, i layed down and T was buried deep in J`s pussy, J kissed me then her hand moved onto my dick which by this time was throbbing, She moved around on the bed and took my dick into her mouth and gave it great sucking, T moved from J`s pussy and kissed me before going down and sucking on my cock as well, It was great watching these 2 ladies enjoy my cock so much.

Whilst sucking on me the girls were playing with each others pussies and you could the sqealching of wetness coming from both of them. After a while T moved and sat down on my cock whilst J sat on my face, It tasted great and her juices were running down my face, Both girls are kissing and teasing each others ample breasts, Then they changed positions so i could get a tasting of T`s pussy, She was dripping as she placed her pussie on my face with her juices flowing everywhere.

We changed places and positions for a long time before i told them i was going to cum, T said cum in J`s mouth so i can lick it from her tongue, I came in J`s mouth then T sucked the last from my dick before kissing J and sharing all of my offerings, Both girls then sat up and shared their kiss with me as we started to flop down onto the bed, We layed there tired and sweating but the girls still had some energy to kiss and rub pussies whilst i was nibbling on their tits.

I got up to have a shower and had just started when both girls came in and asked if they could help, It didn`t take long for my dick to rise back up again and as we washed each other making sure to spend time washing each others parts clean J started sucking my dick T was not going to miss out and placed her pussie next to J`s face so she could enjoy the moment, T turned off the shower and we went back to the bed and had a great time before J said she had to go, She showered then got dressed and said we must do this again soon and told T and I to work out a time ans let her know the details.

I got a message from J last night including a photo of her and T enjoying each other since they met at the shops then went back to T`s house for pleasure, I asked to join them but they said tonight was a girls night only, They said they are filming it and will play it for me in a couple of days when we catch up, Am looking forward to our next get together.