Written by knots1

21 Jun 2014

Although i was blindfolded I could feel him beside me. I could feel his finger tracing a line down the side of my body. Then I felt him move and anticipation made me moist. The next thing i felt was a warmth course through my body as he sucked on my big toe. His hands moved up my legs which automatically spread to welcome him. But they moved to my breasts and as he massaged them I felt his breath on my vagina. I peeked a little and watched him studying my clit and this made me arch my back with want. He squeezed my nipples and bent his head to lick my clit before using his tongue to fuck my cunt, causing me to cum. All of a sudden i felt him shift and he positioned himself on my chest. My mouth was forced open as his cock looked for the warmth within and i massaged his balls as i took his head and shaft as far down my throat as i could. I gagged but kept on sucking until i could taste his precum. He pulled out and shifted again, plunging his bulging cock into my dripping pussy. That instance of not knowing and then feeling my cunt fill with him caused me to cum again, a long shuddering orgasm which sent him over the edge and he gave a sudden loud yell as he spurted his seed inside my pulsing pussy.