Written by St3v3

13 Sep 2010

This happened just the other day I had tied Emma to the bed and blindfolded her, I loved doing this I could do as I pleased to her and whilst she was blindfolded she was different, she became an insatiable whore!

This particular day Emma was getting so worked up her pussy was dripping it could take anything I put up there! The phone rang normally I would ignore it but I thought I could have somefun here! So I answered itand told emma to speak to them of course whilst she was speaking I was licking her cunt, she actually came whilst speaking she did well to hide it, the phone call ended I asked her who it was, it was the electrician confirming he would be at our house in 20mins to fix the smoke alarms,( an appointment weboth forgot) I told Emma I was not going to untie her I also put ear plugs in so she could not hear! She protested but to no avail. I left her there to ponder what may happen, when the electrician arrived I showed him where the alarms were and not to go into our bed room as Emma was nursing a migraine, I then said if hedidnt mind I had to pop out for a bit but wouldn't b long. No worries he said I will try not to disturbthe missus! On my return he has just packing up he said all done gave me the invoice and left. At this point I went in to my wife untied her shesaid my god that was intence u get so different itmmust have been the sensory deprevation u were so hot my hand went imediattely down to her pussy there seemedto b gallons of cum I threw her back licked her clean then fucked her senseless!!! She was amazed at my stamina! I never told her about the electrician!

You would have thought he would have given me a discount!!!