12 Sep 2017

So then the Brazilian turns up again and I have a purple haired sex witch in my house ....interesting to watch them over a moscato like adversaries at first but falling under each others spell or charming ways ....the food good wine sweet and the laughing easy ...pink punk and great beats the girls were swishing as thay cleared the dishes luvverly bums grooving... one in a really short skirt Sal in white tight tatty shorts ...I kiss my new housemate on her neck and push against her she laughs and pushes me away ...so I do the same to the sexy nutbrown Brazilian but reach in front to her pussy ....she is wet ....I'm happy this may work I change the music and jump on my sofa Lilly asks what I'd like and I whisper she laughs and unbuckles my Sam brown releasing my growing cock and kisses it then runs off to the dungeon so I buckle up a little and find Sal in the spare room just her bra on I try to grab her but she says no your a dirty rotten scoundrel

I'm having a shower and brushes me off smiling ....I turn up the tunes and head for my bed .....