Written by young couples fun

6 Feb 2011

we had known shelia for some years, having baby sat our kids for us since she was 16, we were mid 20's and into swinging, shelia picked up on what we were doing after some time and had asked us about it, she was ok with us meeting couples as she used to bring her boyfriend around and sleep over when she babay sat ,

some 18 months down the track, she broke up with him and used to sit on her own, often staying over with us,, this one night my wife had gone to bed,, as we had been out playing with a couple, but shelia wanted to chat with me about what we got up to, so we sat taling, me tellling her about the sex we had earlier that night, as she sat there, she starte to move around in her chair, and more or less play with her pussy a bit , but trying to be discreet while she did, I said looks like your move than interested, andmoved nearer to her putting my arm arond her and giving her a kiss, she responded and soon we were both naked and touching one anothers bodies, she was nearly 6ft tall and slim small c cup boobs but very nice, and a figure mmmmmmm,my cock was at attention and she took it in her hand and went down sucking it for me, i swung around so i could lick her lcit , her body shook as she enjoyed the first of many orgasms,

soon my cock wanted to feel the sweet juices of her pussy, so i slid her around and nudged her opening with the tip of my cock, I looked at her and she smilled, quickly she wishpered, fuck me ,, so with one gentle push my cock slipped in, i took my time working her pussy with my cock, deeper , harder, faster, until she had cum a few more times,, then after some 30 mins or more, I sped up and with one huge trust filled her with hot cum, shelia gave a load moan, her body shook with one huge orgasm, I lay on top of her as my cock softened, not wanting to pull out of her warm pussy, as we both heard sue, my wife, enter the room, she saw us and smilled and said we looked good laying there together, and layed touching and kissing shelia to show her she was more than ok with us playing, my cock soon noticed the girls responding more and more to one another, and started to grow hard, while still inside its warm home, slowly i began making love to her again, Sue watched and held us both, playing with the c cups in front of her, shelia had aready started sucking and licking sues nipples , my cock was rock hard and going wild, i surgested the girl do a 69 while i continued to fuck to my hearts content, my cock going form shelias pussy to sues mouth and back, this was so nice, then i changed ends and pumped sues pussy while shelia sucked my cock also, tasting sues pussy juices each time, which was still full of cum from earlier that night, my cock was so wet, it was slipping in and out with ease, so it seemd only fair to slip it into sues arse, as I and the other guy that night had done, shelia let out a surprised sound as she saw my cock slide in with ease,, and said she had never seen any one do anal before, sue was now going crazy, her cums coming as they do with anal, like machine gun fire, shelia was dumb struck,

with one huge cum sue jumped and lay flat on top of shelia, as she regained control, she moved of and told us both to cayrry on, but she was done for, so i turned shelia over and fucked her doggy, my finger now slidding in her arse, her body telling me she was enjoying it to, i looked at sue and motioned to her to get some lube, once lubed up my cock looked for another hole to fill, shelia was moving around a bit but i told her to trust me and i eased my cock into her arse, very slowly and gentle pumps , each one further in, until my balls pounded her butt cheeks, now i was going wild, my cock feeling the warmth on a new virgin arse, shelia was going crazy, cum after cum rippled though her body, as she fought to stay in control, my balls couldnt hold back, and once more i shook as another load of cum hit home, collasping onto shelia as i did, my cock going so far in, she jumped, it took awhile but as we both regained our sences we looked at one another and laughed, what a night, from friends to lovers and her first bi and anal experiance in one go, after that she was often asking us when we needed a baby sitter, needless to say it was as often as she wanted to,