Written by chrisgeary

25 Apr 2011

True story:

Ive always been turned on by fucking a woman with my bare cock, to feel the soft folds and feel the heat and wetness and a woman giving herself completely to me.

I had met Sarah on the web and we had emailed quite a few times gradually working up our emails to the point where we were talking regularly on the phone. She was not on the pill but her periods were irregular and she also got very turned on by the thought of a mans cum shooting into her – just my type. She was a lrage 19 year old and I was 40 so I was extra turned on. I soon arranged a date and booked the Hyatt Sydney. We met and dropped her bag off at the room. She showered as it was a hot day and went and grabbed some drinks at the bar. Sarah is a big beautiful woman and I loved the look of her ample boobs and ass. We went back to the room and I was soon kissing her and slowly undressing her. My hand ran over her ass and breasts loving the folds of her.

In no time she was on her back naked and I dived on her pussy licking and tasting her till she came drenching my beard. I moved up and kissed her my full weight on her. I didn’t need to grab my cock as it slowly found her pussy and started pushing in and out gyating its way ins. I was soon pushing her legs back and pumping hard her large pussy lips felt so good wrapped around me. I felt my cum rising and stopped wanting to prolong this feeling. After a good six or seven times of pounding and then stopping she had her hands on my ass and was talking very dirty.

I said “you want my cum baby” and she said “ mm cum in me baby, fuck me hard” and started moving hard against me, I could feel how wet and drenched her juices were coating my balls. I fucked her hard getting as deep as I could her wet pussy lips hard along my balls. I looked down at her face as she looked up and shot my cum deep in her grunting and pushing her big legs back grunting my seed deep in her pussy. We subsided and kissed and held each other. I was soon hard again and I got her in a doggy position and started to fuck her again. This is a good position to get deep and I could feel my cum leaking out and coating me. We fucked hard and I shot another load deep in her pushing her head and shoulders down to get maximum depth and make sure my cum seeped into her cervix . We fucked all night and met twice more, each time she wanted my cum so much that I just fucked so hard and animalistic. I found out the third time we met that she had a boyfriend and after the fourth meeting she told me she was pregnant and her boyfriend wanted to marry her.

We lost contact for over a year and she emailed me telling me she had had a girl – Sophia and that she was married. I was very happy. It was the best sex Id ever had and am still searching for another encounter like that.

I had a 40 year old milf recently and we had some near misses but no go 

Anyway the search continues.