Written by nice_n_thick

23 Nov 2017

I must say after my One night in Broadbeach with Sue, I was keen to meet up with Sue again. Now we're both rather busy so we had to sneak in a mid week hotel meet up. Sue booked into a luxury hotel not far from her place, I drove in from a country meeting rather late, too late for another restaurant dinner. Once parked I made my way to the room she booked and knocked on the door. Sue opened the door greeting me in a rather raunchy outfit of black stockings and suspenders and contracting red lace bra and knickers. I'll assume she knew it was me and not her regular greeting outfit for room service. Fair to say someone was primed and ready for action. Sue dragged me inside and started pashing me straight away. It wasn't long before my pants were down and we were on the bed fucking hard and fast. Clearly we both had needs to be for-filled and that we did. Her wet pussy was begging for a good hard fuck and all I wanted was to pound away until I blew my load in Sue's pussy. After about 20 minutes we hard both cum and rolled over for a breath. I crawled down and spread Sue's legs open to view my work. A nice cream pie that I went down on and licked and ate out Sue's pussy. Now you get a good idea of a woman when you're eating her out and for Sue it was firstly I already knew she liked cock and cum, but this was one very smooth shaved pussy, not a hair to be found and her clit was about an inch long and nice and fat, ideal for sucking and even wanking carefully. It sure got Sue going again. A quick change of places and I'm on my back and Sue was squatting over my face, then next thing she's sucking my cock and I'm fingering her wet fucked hole and trying to suck on her clit. This went of for a while until I was hard enough again and Sue swung around and rode my cock hard and fast. Must say I never expected anything like this when I first met Sue online or saw her that first night. A short plump lady with curly hair, who looked very innocent. Not the caged tiger that was unleashing herself on me. Now normally I wouldn't cum again so quickly but I think the wickedness of Sue and the rubbing of her lace knickers on my cock she was till wearing, sent me off again. Sue wasn't happy, she hadn't cum yet and proceeded to grind her pussy on my cock and bone until she began to shake and came again letting out a deep groan and then collapsed on my chest. There we lay for eternity until hunger and thirst got the better of us. Time for food and wine. With very little options in the rooms fridge we decided we'll order room service. Some nice hot food and a bottle of champers was quickly ordered before the midnight hour struck. As we lay waiting for room service Sue told me about her life and how he late husband died in a car accident and how for nearly 5 years she didn't venture out or socialise. Only recently did she attend a work function and was hit on by one of her company suppliers. It seemed a little too much wine and some flattering talk by this guy lead to a late night pash and some fondling in the carpark. That stirred her interest in men again and a short affair until his wife caught them in the back seat of his car. For Sue the whole episode stirred her desire for sex and so began a string on one night and short term liaisons with a number of guys. Seems I was just one of the latest and by no means the only. For me, I was single and just sowing my wild oats again even if I was over 50, I found pussy easy to come by and the ladies mostly just wanted a good fuck and no attachment. A knock on the door stopped us talking and I wrapped a hotel gown on and answered the door, room service arrived and geez I think we over ordered. The young guy brought the food into the room and gave me a cheeky knowing look and glanced past me to see Sue in bed with the sheet partly covering herself. What I missed was Sue flashing her titties to him and dropping one leg to the side so he probably got an eye full of freshly fucked pussy. Once he was gone we devoured the food and drank half a bottle of champers very quickly. Talk returned to sex and Sue admitted she'd like to try 2 guys at once, something I'll tell you about later. The rest of the night was more sex with Sue being a prolific squatter both on my cock and then face once I'd cum inside her. I did enjoy her squatting over my face while I fingered her pussy until she squirted. Sue was one hell of a sexpot and I was only too willing to assist her every need. Needless to say after a night of fingering Sue's pussy by morning my hand was cramping, my dick was shedding its skin(LOL) and Sue was still behaving like a slut on heat. Now one empty champagne bottle and one horny woman work well together. That lone slender bottle neck slide nicely inside Sue and I must say easier on my body. Now the girl didn't take the whole bottle but I was impressed with that pussy's ability to take length and breath. Sue knew how to fuck and before long another screaming orgasim and juices squirting all over the bedsheets. Next time I thought a full bottle of champers and let the bottle shoot its load into her pussy would be fun.

Thats all for now, if you're interested in the last 2 dates, then I'll write about the later.