Written by Amanda

2 Sep 2011

Just a short story, I am a happily married 35 year old women. A few weeks ago my husband was away and my friend Sara invited me out for a no strings attached night. It started innocent and we all started dacing, with some hot single guys. Within a few minutes on the dance floor a guy named Paul approched me and grabbed me and told me I was so sexy. I had no intentions going home with anyone, but my pussy was on fire and I wanted Paul. I told Sara I was tired and going home and had Paul followed me. When we were in my house I was quick to remove my clothes and Paul followed. He quiclly bent me over and entered me from behind. At this point I told him he needed a condom, but he continued. I was getting woried as I'm not on the pill and I had a stranger in me unprotected. I came as this stage and reminded Paul to pull out. He gradded my hips and burried himself deep inside me and unloaded. It felt realy good but a voice inside me told me it was bad as I was not on the pill. Well that night of fun got me pregnant to a stranger from a one night stand