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Burswood Casino Shag

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4 min
Published 5 years ago
I was out with the girls one night. We decided to go to the Casino. After a few games on the roulette after losing $100 we thought we'd go to the (EVE) nightclub inside the Casino. When we got inside, there was so many dark skinned people there. Then one Maori guy caught my eye. He was about 6 foot 3 and was pretty muscly as his shirt looked like it was painted on. And had two full sleeve tattoo's as well as his neck and throat. He looked hot! I must admit. I'm a sucker for fit Maori guys covered in tattoo's. But this guy seemed to be the centre of attention as he laughed and joked with a group of mates. I pointed him out to the girls. They liked what they saw too. We moved closer towards them and started dancing together. He glanced at me and I gave him a cheeky little smile. He and his mates inched closer to us and before we knew it, we were all dancing together. They introduced themselves to us all and the guy I liked introduced himself as Daz. After half an hour of dancing we headed to the bar to get drinks. Daz followed me and offered to buy me a drink. We headed back to the dance floor with our friends. After a couple of hours and more drinks, i was very tipsy. I danced with Daz and grinded him. He really knew how to move his body. Next thing i was kissing him. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I could feel how damp my panties were at this stage. Daz suggested to go outside and get some fresh air. I eagerly accepted and told my friends I'd be back shortly. We walked along the river side which runs adjacent to the casino. We found a quiet little spot on the grass. He laid me down on my back lying next to me and proceeded to kiss me. I felt his hand roam down my leg and up my skirt. I opened my legs a little wider which pretty much gave him an invitation to play with my pussy. He gently rubbed my pussy through my soaked knickers before pulling them to one side and inserting a finger. "Chur girl. You got a tight wet pussy. Take your undies off. I wanna sniff them." Hmmmmm hardly romantic i know but in the heat of the moment i obliged. He slid my panties off and held them to his face. "Poooooo" he said as he inhaled. He then dove between my legs and started eating my pussy. He really knew how to eat pussy too. After 5 mins of being growled, I came..... We sat up and I pushed him down on his back. I undid his belt and jeans. He didn't really have the sort of bulge i thought he would when I saw what he had to offer in his boxers. I pulled his underwear down and grabbed his cock. It was half limp as I jerked it. I wrapped my lips around it. It was very salty as I tasted it. I worked it in my mouth and felt it grow and grow. OMG. It went from a small size to a very very thick size in a matter of seconds. It would have only been about 7 inches but my god was it thick. I couldn't really fit much in my mouth once fully erect. I slurped, slopped, slobbered all over it to make it nice and wet for my pussy. I then positioned myself on top of him and guided it inside. I sqealed a little as it slid in for the first time. I bounced up and down on him like a yoyo. Then he turned me over and fucked me hard doggy style. He fucked like a jackhammer until he was ready to blow. Then pulled out and shot hot cum over my arse and back. We made our way back to our friends at the Casino. My girlfriends were quick to point out the gooey substance in my hair and laughed. He was hi fiving all his mates when he reunited with them. I felt pretty cheap after that but did enjoy a good fuck on the river.....

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