Written by davod_1

22 Nov 2012

This is a short story it happened last night on the way home.

It was about 4 am i decided to take some new pics for my profile

So i pulled into a servo and put my camera on a 5 second timer.

I snaped a few shots in front of the door and took off store was obviously closed.

I returned to my car and drove off .

20 minutes later i thouhht id take a few more shots at a holden

Dealership GO HOLDEN i set up my camera on the window seal of my car and jumped out

As soon as i steped out of my car i notticed a silver station wagon did a u turn

Next thing i know the car has red and blue lihts on the roof .

They than procceded to roll in behind me .

The officer than came up to the window with me sitting their butt naked.

He than asked what i was doing i told him my girlfreind wanted to buy a car so i decided to pose near a car for her

He than grabed my phone and licence an began looking throuhg my camera galleey.

Needless to say the pics were kinky and raunchy the pig tjought i was embaresed or something bit lirtle did he know i was laughing inside. WHAT A NIGHT