Written by Openminded69

12 Mar 2012

We had met a guy on this site and got chatting,he told us he had a friend down our way who owned a caravan park and loved watching couples and was a big cummer!!we got in contact with him and went and stayed fri night,we got there and he took us to our cabin and chatted bout watching.my gf was sitting on couch smiling as I stood her up and took her top of he had his cock out in seconds and was hard and started wanking himself,she pulled of her pants and laid down on the dbl bed,she was sucking me off and rubbing her pussy as he wanked telling het how turned on he was, I moved her over and invited him to lay beside her and play with her tits as I went down on her,he was saying he wasn't far off from cumming so we said to him kneel between her legs and cum on her pussy I watched him climb between them and he started to touch her pussy and rub his cock over it then he was gonna cum and just started to shoot spurt after spurt of thick cum all over her she moaned and sighed and started rubbing it in as he wad still cumming!! It was the most I've ever seen she was soaked!!! I ended up cumming on her tits then we got dressed and he thanked us and said he would cum back later that night and went back to office, about 10mins later I heard my gf talking to his wife out front asking if liked the cabin and all I could think of if she only knew that my gfs pussy was soaked with her husbands cum!!! We had a great night and can't wait to do it again.