Written by hotwifecple

18 Feb 2016

I received a text from my wife. It said Cameron is coming over, maybe you should come home and stop me or watch whatever you decide.

Cameron is a guy that moved in next door, a fit sexy looking guy just 25, works in real estate, nice car and an extreme womaniser. Sally was taken by his charm the first time we met him and had asked him about the constant stream of different sexy women we saw leaving his place each weekend. He told her in a cheeky flirting way she would have to find out his secret for herself. She brushed off the remark until at a party we held her friend Amy went home with Cameron and in the morning was one of those women.

Amy and Sally of course talk about things like this and according to Amy, Cameron was a dynamo in bed and gave the best head she had ever had. Cameron had a thing for older women and was apparently well hung. At 25 his stamina matched his looks as well. Sally was now very curious and flirted with him at all opportunities. After her work date that turned into a client fuck I was to say the least open to watching her fuck someone but at this stage it was just a fantasy we role played during sex.

I was of two thoughts, I could race home and stop it which my moral self suggested or I could stay at work and just let it happen and let her tell me about it like before or I could take a slow trip home and witness it, the option my now painful hard on was suggesting.

So i finished off some work and around 25 mins later headed home. When I got there I was stumped as to what to do now, walk in and catch them or go round back and see if i can look in through the window and wait for the invitation. Down the side of the house i went and looked into the back room from the deck and pool area. Sally and Cameron were in the room on a lounge kissing, they were both already naked and Sally was stroking a very nice specimen of male genitalia. It was around 8" and uncut, thickish with large balls hanging down. The kiss soon finished and Cameron got on his knees between Sally's spreading thighs and started what became a 20 min two orgasm workout of her 38yr old pussy. I was hard as a rock and took out my dick and began to pull off while watching my wife totally submit to this man.

After a little rest on Sally's behalf she returned the favour sucking his large cock for ages. She sucked his balls and even rimmed him something she has never done to me. After a while he positioned he dog style and rammed her cunt for another good 15 mins and then rolled her over and fucked her more missionary, her legs wrapping around his hips pulling him in even deeper. As she came he came deep inside her as did I spraying myself into the garden.

I left and drove down the road and back to my office. Two hours later I received another text. Sally said I saw you watching and wanking hope you enjoyed the show. You should have stayed for round two and three. I love being your hot wife.