Written by Melbcpl2

17 Nov 2013

A few years ago my then girlfriend and I when on a holiday back to her old home town of Canberra, not my choice of holiday locations but we decided to take our time coming back to Melbourne via the coast. This made the trip worthwhile to me. We arrived in Canberra and checked out a few of the sites and then decided to visit some locations that Erin remembered from her teenage years.

We found her old house and then her school. Erin then said we should find her BFF from high school. We set off heading towards her house as Erin started talking about her old friend and the things they used to do. She then said you know we even used to play a little when we got bored. Wow I said and how far did you go. Let's see Erin said we kissed and we fondled each other, and one time she did go down on me. Nice I said. Erin looked at me with that looked she got when she got very horny and I knew she was getting excited just thinking about what they did.

We arrived at the house hoping she would be home. Knocked at the door and a few seconds later Kylie opened the door. Kylie it's me Erin how are you.

Wow what a surprise Kylie replied. Come on in. There was the usual greeting cuddles and kisses.

We were lead through to her lounge and offered a beer while we chatted. Well, it was more the girls chatted, recalling the old days and what happened to who and so on.

The first beer turned in to three then four and the afternoon turned into evening the girls were now sitting next to each other on the couch facing each other and talking. I'd had had a few and needed to take a wiz and headed for the toilet. I took my time in no rush to get back and looked around the small house on the way back. But then noticed I couldn't hear the girls talking anymore. Returning to the lounge I found the two girls in a deep passionate kiss with wandering hands. I just stood there stunned. My cock rising like a flagpole. I stood silent and watched as the girls started to get more and more into each other, tops being removed and breasts being fondled and kissed. I started to rub my cock as Kylie knelt down in front of Erin removing Erin's panties and kissing her way up her thigh. I undid my pants and started to stroke my now naked cock, loving the show in front of me. Erin looked over at me and waved me to come to her. I kissed her from behind the couch and as she pulled me towards the couch I ripped off my pants and my shirt and climbed over the couch, Erin grabbing me by the cock and dragging me to her mouth.

She sucked me in deep while Kylie continued to lick her pussy. I could feel Erin's orgasm coming as she started to convulse and suck harder.

She withdrew my cock and asked Kylie up to the couch. Holding my hand she dragged me to the floor as she opened Kylie's legs and removed her panties from beneath her summer dress. Erin looked at me and said "I want you in me" then turned to Kylie and started to lick her wet pussy. I did as directed and filled Erin with my aching hard on while she continued to suck lick and finger Kylie's pussy. It was an intense sight I pumped away and reached forward and played with Erin's breasts, Kylie sat there with eyes only for Erin while she twisted an cupped her own breasts. Moaning and getting louder and louder soon bursting with excitement and cumming for the first time from Erin's constant attack. That was it for me seeing Kylie loose it, I too lost control filling Erin with my hot dripping. Erin not finished with Kylie she pulled forward and again kissed Kylie cupping her breasts against Kylie's and pressing against her mound. The two girls continued to encourage each other my cum dripping down Erin's legs. Kylie lay down on the couch opening her legs and Erin seemed to know exactly what Kylie wanted and moved around to press her pussy to Erin's pussy rubbing up against each other hard and getting faster and faster. Until the two girls collapsed from the joy of there orgasm.

I watched hopping I would recover quick enough to have Kylie as well.

As Kylie recovered she looked at me for the first time since this started and said sorry Brian but I don't do guys. Wow I though, I was in a three way that was really two two ways. Kylie never even came close to touching me.

We talked more and that's when I found out that Erin and Kylie had been good friends and that Kylie had never been interested in men and was heart broken when Erin moved to Melbourne. She had dreamt of the day Erin would return and she could have her one more time.