Written by Mrs s_t5116

22 Oct 2012

Everyone sends funny emails round the office from time to time, as well as the daily good morning and the friendly chat in passing but sometimes a little flirtatious innuendo can lead to seeing a different side to your work colleagues.

On one such occasion after another reference to my boobs and whether I would send a pic I found myself saying yes. Casually in the kitchen of our office, he asked if I would give him a blow and again I found myself saying yes as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He said meet me down stairs in the car park, as it was close to the end of the day and he left. I followed soon after.

I waited out the front of the building contemplating whether I should or not when he appeared around the corner “come-on”, he beckoned. Here I am, a married woman stepping into the backseat of the car of a married man. “Nice car” I tell him to lighten the mood, he laughs and asks if I’m sure...I reach for his belt undoing it deftly with one hand feeling his bulge as I go. He fondles my ample breast inside my bra and I unzip his pants, releasing his penis from his boxers, it springs to life waving at me and I lean in to wrap my lips around his knob, smoothing back the foreskin with my hand and moistening the gland with my saliva. As I take it deep into my throat, I lift his balls with my other hand and feel him lean back into the seat groaning as he pushes deeper. I stroke his penis up and down into my mouth as he tries to finger my crotch through my pants.

His legs wobble as I milk him hard, his eyes close and he touches my hips. He whispers, “Can I put it in...” I continue licking his shaft, thinking if that was further then I wish to go. The car steamed up. In the parking garage, it is dark but if someone walked by we could easily be seen. He undoes my pants and I rise up so he can pull them down to my ankles, he asks again if he can put it in. I am massaging his penis, unsheathing the head and releasing all the way down the shaft, he groans. I lay back awkwardly in the seat and he moves and positions himself between my legs. Using his penis, he parts my wet lips and thrusts inside me. It is hard to get a rhythm going within the limited space of the backseat and with both of us pants around our ankles, so I ask him shall I turn around and he says “will you.” he seems eager for doggy style.

I adjust my feet and kneel on the seat so he can enter me from behind, he grasps my butt and squeezing he tells me “your arse is so firm.” He thrusts hard and I am wedged between the window and the seat. He gets into a bucking rhythm and I feel my clitty buzzing with excitement and the moisture building inside. He orgasms and pumps a full load inside me. He collapses down and I pull up my pants before sitting down beside him, sucking the juices from his knob. He does his pants up, I tell him again it is a nice car and he laughs and asks me where do I want to go? I tell him that I am good and get out walking to catch the train as usual, as I was meeting someone there. I felt flushed, full of energy, and very excited by what had just happened.

A year later, I tell my husband the story and he is so turned on by the blowjob and the thought of being discovered in the car park. He thrusts my head down as I lay on the bed; he stands over me and fucks my mouth. Just before he is about to cum, he withdraws and wanks the finishing strokes, pumping hot sticky Jis all over my face.