Written by tyga

19 Mar 2012

Theres a guy Ive played with a several times now. it had been a week since we had played and would be another week as he was having to go away for work. Its a matter of lust between us, the minute we speak on the phone or online all we wana do is catch up and play. He got home on a friday and we were hanging to see each other. But time wasnt on our side and I had people at home. He rang me early sunday morning.. and as usual things got hot... he joked and said lets meet in ur carport, how long will it take u to get here? I asked. the hornyness in his voice when he asked... are u serious? yes.... 15 mins, leaving now.

I was so wet by the time he pulled up outside. I lifted the roller door and closed it behind him. I could see he was already hard and it was difficult getting his cock out of his pants. we kissed like we had a lifetime to make up. He wrapped his hands around my breasts and squeezed them together, then buried his face in my cleavage and kissed it. I bent down ... run my tongue over his cock and started to suck him.. he slipped his fingers into my wet pussy. he stood me up, spun me round and bent me over the bonnet of my car and slid his cock into me. He started off slow... the thrusted his hard cock deep in me... pulling me back onto him with my hips... he paused deep inside me, i could feel his cock throb, he didnt want to cum yet.. but we were pressed for time.. i arched my back and pushed back on him, grinding myself on him, i slipped my hands between my legs and squeezed his balls. He started to fuck me again... harder faster and deeper. he pulled out i spun around and he blew over my tongue and mouth.