Written by mat2013

15 Jul 2014

Thursday after work i loaded up the race bike and headed of to Scooters house as i was staying there the night before we headed of early Friday morning so i could get some practice in before racing Saturday. When i arrived at Scooters both him and Cassie came out to greet me and have a look at the new paint scheme on the bike. The first thing i notice that Cassie had cut her long blonde hair into a bob cut and died it dark( my fav) and she looked hot. She says"love the new paint scheme it is hot" i quickly respond with "so do you, love the hair" thank you she says.We load the rest of their gear in the car have a few drinks and retire early for the night so we can get up at 4 o'clock Friday to make a early start.

We had been on the road for bout 1 and half hours when we stopped at Tailem bend for pit stop. I'm the first one back to the car then i see Cassie walking back to the car looking a little stiff and slow. When she gets in the car i ask if she is ok and she says"my pussy is a little saw" "oh OK..best you get that looked at" i say. "i went to get all the girly things done yesterday I had my hair and nails done and had a full wax down there wanted to look hot for the weekend, I'm hoping for a big weekend"and gives me a cheeky smile.Then says"if I had my way we would spend the whole weekend in the cabin with you two fucking the shit out of me" just as she says that Scooter walks around the corner from the toilet block and up to the car and I try to hide my chubby. Back on the road we go.We go to the track, unload get scrutinised have a few laps practice and the return to the caravan park to our cabin that we have booked for the weekend.The cabin is your basic family type cabin with sliding doors at the front entering straight into the kitchen with the parents double room to the left and the kids room with 2 double bucks in it and then you continue through that room to the bathroom/tiolet. I get the bunks and they get the double bed. After tea we have a couple of drinks and start to flirt a little and Cassie is working hard at dropping hints to scooter to let me sleep in the bed with them as i wont fit too well in the bucks but he is not biting. We retire early as racing starts bright and early tomorrow.

just as i start to nod off i hear little quite moans cuming from Scooters room, slowly they grow louder and i hear Scooter telling Cassie to be quiet you will wake him up" Cassie instantly moans even louder obviously wanting to let me know what she is up to.Next minute i hear the buzzing of a vibrator getting a workout and i am instantly hard. I laid there pulling my self apart for a while as Cassie reached orgasm after orgasm and just about screamed the cabin down i think even our neighbours would have heard how much fun she was having. I think i started to doze of cause all of a sudden i hear the bedroom door open and there is ample ambient light and i can see Cassie walking quickly towards me to go to the toilet i assume. she has here white woolen bath robe wrapped around her with both her shoulders exposed and gripping it between her breast with her right hand and keeping the front from spreading with her left hand just above her knees. Just as she gets to me a quickly reach out across to the bunks opposite me to stop her from going past. She jumps and is a little startled. She tries to push my hand away with her left hand and says "let me go, I've got to go" but there is no way I'm going to let her go without a fight. I slide my hand up under the bath robe between her knees as she tries to stop me with her left hand. I push her hand away and instantly push my hand up to her inner thigh which is soft and very warm, she turns to face me and her attempt to stop me lessens. Within seconds she is leaning back on the bunks opposite me holding the robe open so i can see her sexy bald pussy. I slide my hand up her inner thigh right up to her pussy and as i do i feel juices from her and Scooter have run down her leg a little. I wipe them up with my fingers and rub them back on to her pussy lips and push two fingers between her pussy lips, her pussy is so fucking wet and dripping with cum and it sounds amazing as i start to finger her with two fingers, she starts to moan instantly and bites on her robe to try and keep quiet. Then she raises her right leg and puts her foot on the pillow next to my head and leans right forward and her pussy is about 6inches from my face. I slide 3 fingers into her hot and swollen pussy and my pinky finger into her ass and she starts to shake violently. I'm now fingering her that hard I'm just about lifting her up, she cums hard all aver my hand and her juices are running down my hand. She pushes my hand away and quickly runs into the bathroom and closes the door. Bitch has done it again, got me all worked up and left me hanging. I lay there stroking my cock and i have cum Little on my stomach. I hear the toilet flush and start pulling my cock even harder, I'm just about ready to cum. She opens the door and i through the sheet back so she cane see how hard i am. I tell here"quick I'm bout to come" she quickly moves forward to suck my cock. Just as her lips touch the tip of my cock i shoot my load on here face and it startles her at first but she quickly starts to lick and suck up ever drop of my cum. once she has done I push her back towards Scooters room as i want her to go back to him smelling like me