Written by mat2013

8 Jul 2014

A couple of weeks after Cassies 18th birthday my cousin (lee) and i went around to Scooters house to talk about our up and coming road trip to mount Gambier as i was going to be racing my road bike down there and to perv on Cassie for the afternoon as it was quit warm around 30c we knew she wouldn't be wearing much and we were not disappointed. when we got there she was wearing a black mini skirt and a blue shinny boob tube(it was the 90s). Any way we spent the afternoon having a few coldies and playing pall.Around 4.30 Nathan(scooters younger brother 18yrs old) turned up with a mate of his(dont remember his name) with a meat tray they had just won at the local and wanted to have a BBQ...sounded good to me. I offered to go get more drinks and Lee offered to go with me then Nathan and his mate wanted to come as well as they could decide what to get. Cassie quickly offered to go so Scooter could start the BBQ but i think it was becausdse she likes the attention she would get surrounded by 4 blokes.

As we pulled inti the drive throu i notice two hot promo chicks giving away free shots of something and one of them is a stunner approx 18 years old super fit and legs that went on forever. i decide to park the car in the browse lane so we could all get out and check her out properly. When i get up close i can see the outline of her pussy lips through the black lycra pants and her nipples under her lycra top it looks like she has nothing on under it....so hot. We asked to come back to the BBQ but she declines..supprise surprise.

As soon as we drive out of the bottle o the comments start, I say "i wanted to bend her over the bonnet of the car and fuck her right there in the drive throu". Lee says "you would have to get behind me!" and Nathan says that it would have been a gang bang" we were all a little tipsy and a little excited and the testosterone was flowing thick and fast. Cassie being a little turned on and a little jealous by all this talk says "calm down guys,you guys wouldn't know what to do with it even if you came back with yous" and "you guys get excited pretty easy, what would you de if you actually saw her pussy?" and to that i quickly respond with "why don't you show us yours and we will see ha!"

I look in the rear view mirror(Cassie sitting in between Nathan and his mate) to see her reaction. Cassie slid her ass forward on the seat reached down into her hand bag and pulled out a mini impulse deodorant can, pulled her skirt up either side and lent back into the seat lifting her knees up next too her shoulders exposing her beautiful mound being restrained by a blue silky Gstring. The Gstring was pulled tight over her pussy and you could see the fols and curves of her lips. She raises the deodorant can to her mouth with her left hand and starts to suck it off and starts rubbing her pussy with two fingers on her right,she instantly starts to groan quietly. I slow the car down as we don't have far to go and i don't want to miss out.She starts rubbing her pussy harder and harder and faster and faster. She pulls her Gstring to the right exposing her beautiful young pussy, she raise her hand to her mouth and spits on her fingers then rubs her saliva all over her pussy lips then spreads her lips exposing her swollen clitoris for us to see.Her scent instantly fills the car and it is hot. She then sticks two fingers in her pussy and moans as she at the same time throwing her head back on the head rest and arching her back.Her tempo increases as she nears orgasm just as she does she closes her knees to gether unable to control herself blocking my view. I bark "HOLD HER FUCKING LEGS APART" as soon as the guys grab her and spread her legs she starts convulsing obviously enjoying being restrained. She then stops sucking the can and lowers it to her ass and inserts it into her ass slowly at first but as she approaches another orgasm she starts ramming it all the way in and starts fingering herself with three fingers. The smell was incredible and the view was pretty good too.I had to stop at the top of Scooter road as we didn't have far to go and Cassie was now yelling FUCK FUCK FUCK as she came, as she pulled her fingers out of her hot pussy some of her juices run out down over her ass hole and onto the back seat. HOT AS! We sat there for a minute trying to compose ourselves before going to Scooters when Cassie says "see told yas you wouldn't know what to do with her if she came back with you not one of you grabbed my pussy or my tits i had to do it all myself.

I was pretty funny watching four blokes try and walk normal and act normal with stiffies. The rest of the afternoon Cassie kept licking her fingers and sniffing them behind Scooters back, teasing us and smiling every chance she got. When i got her alone for just a second i said " wait till we go to mount Gambier in a couple of weeks im going too rape you as soon as i get a chance you little SLUT!!!" and to that she smiled at me bit her finger and said "PROMISE?"

TO BE CONTINUED....................