Written by hungmilfhunter

14 Jun 2013

Hey guys and gals,

Some may remember my escapades with one of my friends parents, Mary and Greg. It's been about 4 months since my last meeting with them and a few days ago I caught up with Mary. This time a slightly odd encounter for us, no Greg and we went for coffee. Oh well, I was sure from the start that coffee was just a way of her getting away from her son who was most likely home.

Well we met at a cafe in Morley, and we chatted, nothing sexual or naughty. Just legitimate, everyday conversation and to be honest it would be getting rather stale if I didn't have her rather large amount of cleavage to look at. She was in gym clothes, black tights and a top that was rather low cut. I'm hoping she isn't actually going to the gym and is looking for a different type of workout.

Well both coffee's are finished and I suggest we go do something else, she is cool with that and I say I'll drive and drop her back to pick her car up later. As we drive she asks were we are going, I said some place private. She starts becoming more flirty and like she was when we first started playing. As I drive she starts touching her self, playing with her tits. Then rubs her hand up my thigh toward my stiffening shaft, she rubs her hand over the bulge in my pants and says, "It's been way too long since I've seen your big, hard dick." I look at her and smile, trying not to crash as she continues to rub my shaft.

It's a good 15-20 minute drive before we arrive at a spot off gnangara drive, where there is no one on a weekday as I expected and hoped for. Once parked I hop out and push my seat right up to the steering wheel and do the same on the passenger side, and push the back rests right forward. This giving us more space in the back. We both get in the back seat and I passionately kiss, unlike the other times when Greg has been present but that quickly ends when Mary has positioned herself down on the floor, in between my legs and has pulled my jeans down to my ankles. With no hesitation, she wraps her soft lips around the head of my cock, slowly stroking the shaft while licking and sucking on the head. She then starts going down deep on my dick, deep throating the length of it and popping up saying things like "Your going to cum down my throat" and "Then your going to shove that dick in my pussy." I can tell she has been eager for this. As I am about to cum I hold her head down on my cock and explode down her throat. My cock pulsating in her mouth as jets of cum stream out.

I help her up on to the seat and get her on her knees, I pull one ass cheek aside and suck the juices from her wet cunt while stroking my shaft back to its erect state. I pull my face away, wet from her pussy. I push two fingers into her hole, working them around inside of her. My cock now hard again and ready to go inside Mary's lovely wet entrance. I rub her clit a little, while pushing the head of my dick against her pussy, teasing her. "Get inside me already!" She demands. With ease I push deep into her wet, juicy hole. Producing a little yelp from Mary as my full length is inside her, I slowly stroke back and forth. Going in deep and just leaving the tip of my cock in her pussy, long and deep strokes of her pussy building up to hard, forceful pumping of her hole with my large balls slapping against her pussy. Mary gives her little screams and words of encouragement as I pound her pussy. Putting my arms around her, I grab her nice big tits, still in her top and pull her up leaning into her back. I slow down to a gentle pace, while kissing her neck an fondling her boobs.

I pull my cock out of her wet cunt and sit on the seat. She turns around and grabs my cock putting it in her mouth, tasting her juices all over my shaft. As she does I decide to take off her top and bra. Once she is fully naked she climbs onto my lap, guiding the head of my dick into her pussy with her hand. As she begins to ride my shaft I play with her boobs, licking and sucking on her nipples while squeezing the full breast. I pull her in for a kiss and she gently works her tongue into my mouth, entangling hers with mine. As our lips lock once again, I meet her bouncing with my own thrust and she grasps on tightly to my shoulders with her arms around my neck, smothering me with her boobs as I thrust harder and harder into her wet cunt. At this time she has the word, "fuck" on repeat.

Leaving my cock inside her pussy, I pushed her back onto the lent over backrest of the front seat, holding hips in the air and proceeding to fuck her pussy hard. There was a constant slapping sound in the car as my balls met her ass cheeks with every thrust. I held her legs spread in the air as I fucked, then pulled them tight together and placed them over my shoulder, tightening the gap. With my cock squished between Mary's thighs, I pushed in deep and hard, pumping her pussy. I told her, "I'm cumming deep inside your hole." I got a smile and a moan from Mary. I fucked hard until I was ready to cum and pushed deep into her wet cunt, and blew a hot load of cum deep inside her pussy.

Once I had cum in her pussy I had a quick lick before she turned around to polish off my shaft. We dressed quickly and jumped back in the front and drove off, exchanging general chit chat and banter on the way. We organised another meeting in a few weeks, with Greg this time. It's been a while since I've seen his fat cock, should be be fun. When we got back to her car, I got a little kiss from her and she informed me that she was now going home to share her cum filled pussy with Greg. She also told me she was going to try something new for our next meet and she couldn't wait to have a few big cocks in her again.

Thanks for reading, My next story will be in about 2 and a half weeks when I meet with them again, by the sounds of it I have something to look forward too. Until then I just have to enjoy the pictures she sent me after she got home to Greg ;)