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24 Nov 2012



3 minute read

It has been a while since I had been with Jenny and it was only a matter of time before we got caught. Until recently it had been our secret and we were caught not by our partners but by a friend. My wife was at her parents house again with the kids and Jenny's husband was away and she needed a baby sitter so she could have a girls night out. Having nothing else to do I agreed and went over to Jenny's house after dinner hoping something was going to happen later in the evening. When I arrived I was surprised to find our friend Sara there. Sara had separated from her husband two months ago and was in her mid twenties and about a size 12. Jenny appeared dressed in a nice tight pair of jeans which hugged her arse well, and a tight fitting top. I was already hard. They both soon left in a taxi and after a few hours all the kids were in bed. It was well after 2am when I heard the taxi pull up and both Jenny and Sara get out. They were both a little drunk but not to bad. I had set my bed up on the lounge not to arouse suspicion. Both were soon in bed with Sara staying in the spare room. Soon enough Jenny appeared and dragged me to her room. She laid straight down on the bed and I began to eat her pussy. She was wet and was cumming in no time at all. We switched positions and Jenny went to work on my cock. It had been a few weeks since I had had sex so I wasn't going to last long and told Jenny. Jenny mounted me and she was still hot and wet, and this nearly sent me over the edge. I told Jenny I was near cumming and she reminded me I had to pull out. It was at this stage we heard the word busted and saw Sara standing in the door. Jenny jumped off me quick. We were both pleading with Sara not to tell anyone and that this was a once off. Sara said she would keep our secret only if I would sleep with her. I looked at Jenny and said what choice do we have. So we agreed and I followed Sara to the spare room. I had never found Sara attractive as she was a little on the chubby side. And this helped me calm down a little. As soon as we were in the room Sara removed her top and jeans and she actually didn't look to bad standing there in a lacy g-string and bra. She quickly removed those to expose a clean shaven pussy and a nice set of rather large tits. Sara laid down on the bed and told me to eat her. I went down on her. Again to my surprise Sara tasted nice. Soon she had hold of my head and was thrusting her pussy into my face and came quickly. When Sara recovered she rolled over and got on all fours and told me to fuck her. I got behind Sara and entered her and was again surprised. Sara was quite tight and extremely wet. I grabbed her hips and really began to pound her. I could feel myself cumming quickly so I sped up and buried myself deep inside Sara and unloaded. Sara tried to pull away but it was to late. Sara started to swear at me telling me I couldn't cum in her as she wasn't on the pill. I withdrew from Sara's pussy and she got up and ran to the toilet passing Jenny on her way. Jenny came into the room and asked me what the problem was. I told her that Sara wasn't protected and I came in her. Jenny said serves her right for taking what was hers. We will find out soon enough if Sara has to explain her predicament or not, and unfortunately I didn't get to finish fucking Jenny that night.

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