11 Oct 2020

a few weeks ago wet met me after work

when wet arrived she was wearing her short skirt and tight t-shirt so i knew she was looking to be a bit naughty fun

we left her car at work and headed to a park not far away

no sooner had we parked and wet was already undoing my pants and was sucking my cock

she love to feel a cock swell in her mouth

i pulled up her skirt and started to play with her very wet pussy

we paused just long enough to jump into the back seat and wet continued to suck my cock

once she had gotten me hard it was her turn

she layed back and spread her legs inviting me to eat her dripping wet pussy

i didnt need asking twice

i licked and sucked that sweet pussy nibbling on her clit (it sends wet wild) when i do that

wet pulled my head up and whispered in my ear FUCK ME HARD

i pushed her back into the seat and slowly slid my hard cock into her wet warm pussy

the whole time we were there playing we didnt noticed that a few cars had parked close to us

we were both enjoying ourselves so much the we hadnt seen a guy get out of his car

we were really going for it (i think wets moans are what made the guy get out of his car lol)i heard a sound and looked up to see him watching us thru the window we made eye contact and all he could say was carry on

we kept going till we both came he watched the whole time

after we had finished he thanked us and left

wet and i talked about it later and both agreed it was a real turn being watched wet even said that if he had turned up a bit earlier he might have gotten a nice blow job (maybe next time)