Written by batsam

2 Mar 2013

We were holidaying at Woodgate Beach in Queensland & enjoying relaxing on the very quiet & unpopulated beachside. My wife decides that there is no-one around so she takes off her top to get a bit of a tan. We were laying there for quite a while & I was getting hot & dry so I said that I was off to the pub to have a couple of beers & asked if she would be ok. She replied "yes" so off I went.

After about half an hour I was returning to our spot on the beach & as i got closer I could hear talking, I slowed up so I could listen out of sight but so I could see her. I could hear my wife talking to this guy who must have just strolled up along the beach. She was laying on her stomach still. They were just talking about all sorts of stuff & he had my wife laughing at a few of his stories. I heard her say that her hubby has gone to the pub & is normally gone for a while. He then says to her that he could see that she was turning red from the sun & he offers to put sunscreen on her, she obliges. He proceeds to rub the sunscreen into her skin as she lay on her stomach, starting at her shoulders & moving down her back & onto her legs. He satyed on her legs for a while & could see that he was now just caressing her. He kept that up for a while & i guess that with my wife not stopping him he kept going & was cressing the inside of her thighs & getting closer to her bather shorts. Still not stopping him he concentrates his fingers up near her love spot & i notice her lift her hips slightly & I realised he was fingering her. I could see her face & she was loving it & pretty soon he has her to orgasm. She relaxes for a little bit & sits up to face him & i gather he sees her tits for the 1st time as he is in awe of them. She reaches out to him & gets him to stand up, she takes down his bathers to reveal his cock which was quite a bit larger than mine, she obviously likes what she sees. My wife then kneels up & takes his cock in her mouth & starts to give him one of her awesome blowjobs. I can see he likes what she's doing by the look on his face. It was then that he spotted me looking. He then stops my wife from sucking him & gets her to turn around doggy style & he kneels behind her, takes off her bathers & inserts his manhood into her very wet waiting pussy. They fuck like this for quite a while, my wife constantly moaning from the pleasure of his cock & him constantly looking up at me & most likely realising I am her husband. He then pulls out of her & rubs his hand over her pussy & gathers a heaps of pussy juice and wipes it on her arse and places his cock at her rear entrance. My wife doesn't hesitate & slowly pushes back into him until his cock disappears. He then slowly starts to pump into her & she reaches under & starts playing with her clit & in no time she orgasms again. With that he grabs her hips, looks up at me & starts to pound away ramming his cock into he arse & then thrusts one lasttime all the way in & fills her with his cum. My wife then relaxes onto her elbows with him still in her arse as they both catch their breath. He looks up at me gives me a wink, pulls is relaxed cock out of my wifes arse,lays her over onto her back & proceeds to suck her nipples & fondle her huge tits. He reaches down & starts to finger my wife again, she reaches down & starts to play with his cock. They do this for a while until he is hard again. He gets to his knees & positions himself between my wifes legs & enters her pussy again & immediately starts pounding away, often lowering himself to suck her nipples or passionately kiss her. They are at this for a while until he buils up a 2nd load to dump into my wife, her pussy this time. He rolls over & lays beside her, both of them panting heavily. He leans up on his elbow & gives her a long passionate kiss, says a few words that i couldn't hear, stands up, puts his shorts back on & walks off. My wife puts her bathers back on & lays back down. I quietly sneak off back to the pub to have another beer & think about what I had just seen. My wife continues to amaze me with these occassional, out of the blue sexual encounters she gets herself into. Of course she has my permission.