Written by Paul

12 Jul 2013

It has been nearly 3 months since Jenny and I had slept with each other due to work and family commitments. We have seen each other during that time at family BBQ's and the shops and knowing that no-one knew about our little affair added to the thrill.

While at the shops the other day I bumped into Jenny and we sat and had coffee. During this time I told Jenny I had missed our sneaky get togethers. Jenny told me over the recent weeks when we had met at the same time at the shops or a BBQ she had gotten quite horny at the time thinking about our past sexual encounters. Jenny told me that she had that feeling now but unfortunately we couldn't go to her place as her mother-in-law was staying. I told her no problem that me house was empty at the moment with the wife at work and the kids at vacation care. So after finishing our coffees Jenny phoned her mother-in-law and told her she was going to a drop by work to check if there had been any roster changes. I told Jenny where I had parked my car and we left in separate directions and met up at the car. We used the same plan of hiding that we used when going to Jenny's house and soon we were at my place and in the bedroom.

We were soon kissing and I removed Jenny's shirt and bra and began to suck on her tits while Jenny was removing my jeans and jocks. I then slid down Jenny's jeans and panties to expose her pussy. Since last time she had grown some hair back but kept the lips shaved. I removed my shirt and Jenny laid on the bed and I went down on her and hungrally ate her wet pussy. Jenny was bucking her hips quite fast and soon she grabbed my head and buried it into her pussy and came hard.

I then moved up to Jenny and we held each other and kissed. Jenny rolled me onto my back and positioned herself on top. I told Jenny I didn't have any condoms and she said she was ok with the risk. Jenny grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and then slid down. Her pussy was on fire and now I was remembering why I had missed it so much. I was rubbing Jenny's tits and she was letting out a low moan. I moved one hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit. Jenny increased her pace and soon came and fell on top of me and we again kissed. I then moved up between Jenny's legs and slid my cock into her pussy. We were kissing as I was sliding in and out of her. Her pussy was on fire at this point and we had a good rhythm going. Jenny then wrapped her legs around my and began to meet my thrusts. I warned Jenny I was going to cum and all she did was tighten her legs around me so I buried myself deep in her unprotected pussy and unloaded. We again kissed and I asked Jenny why she didn't let me pull out. Jenny told me that she like the feeling of me cumming in her and the risk was worth it. We got dressed and Jenny left for home with my cum still in her pussy. We also made plans to meet up again in a week or two.