20 Jan 2019

Taking deep breaths, licking your lips, and trying to hold yourself together, but all the dignity u once had was quickly evaporating, as he looks up at you, his smile and soft hands now sending shivers up your smooth trembling legs. As he ask u once more, " r u happy with the sizing miss, they look absolutely beautiful". Thinking to yourself,u admit the red heels he was now removing looked dam fine specially in his hands. Now that this young man had u thinking everything but shoes, and now unsure if they would go with your out fit, so you ask him to put them aside and u would b back tomorrow to try them on again, but this time wearing your red dress and make up.

All night u couldn't get this young strong man out of your mind, ( it's not cheating is just a fantasy) not only as he was super hot, but the way he spoke, the compliments, and his soft warm hands, "omg his warm hands on my legs again". just laying there in bed u were getting turned on, your smooth pussy was dripping wet and soo wanting his touch more then eva. laying there with your eyes closed gently touching yourself with slow circular motions, now your nipples hardening, legs trembling as u bring yourself to climax, moaning softly and moving your hips up and down like his head was between your thighs tasting your orgasm.

Then it hit u how r u going to hold it together tomorrow wearing nothing but a short tight dress that your best friends picked out for your hens night, it barely covers your hot ass that u worked so hard to get. Surely he will smell or even c your wetness as he looks up at u. Not like u can cross your legs now u think to yourself. But least the store has privet fitting rooms so it's just home that will notice. He will understand now trying to talk yourself into it.

The next day as you put on the dress, your thinking omfg this is so short. But it looks so good with your new curves, u actually look farking hot lol. Putting your hair up and just basic lipstick, u look again in the mirror. Wow I am hot. Just need shoes.

In and out quickly is your plan.

Upon arriving u do a quick check. Yep I'm hot. Lol. Walking up the stairs he is there waiting to open the door and take your hand. Looks u up and down. Is he says wow. Your amazingly beautiful. Let's c if we can get the shoes on and c what you look like in them. Entering the privet room he sits u down. As he kneels down his cologne smells amazing, his warm hands remove your dress shoes, he looks up at u as he slips one heel on, then the other. Slowly doing up the straps at the back of your carve, your mind says no but your body says yes as it betrays you. Your nipples harden, and your smooth pussy now wanting more, u take a deep breath and he asks why. I'm ok was all u could think of and u both laugh. Ok he stands up takes u by your hand and helps u to your feet. " now walk around show me your style and how u look" walking around they feel great, as u look in the mirror u are amazed as how good they look, standing there in your tight dress, heels, makeup and hair up u think yep def fuckable lol. U turn and face home and ask. Soooooo. U like. " u look bloody hot" and u both laugh. " but let's try on some stockings also. I think that will make it compleat.

Stay hear and take a seat, I'll b back. Sitting down u can't help but notice your panties are starting to show signs of your xcitment, trying to x your legs to hind the small damp patch, as he enters the room again holding some black fishnet thigh high stocking. " ok let's get theses on. As he kneels again. And takes one leg in his hand u r forced to uncross your legs. Breathing deep again, as he unbuckles one heel at a time, his soft warm hands on your legs has your pussy wanting more. Your wetness and now u are sure u and this hot guy can smell your xcitement. Looking up at u as he starts to roll the first stocking up over your carve. Massaging as he goes as they are a tight fit, so it takes some time. The higher he has to roll them up the more u have to spread your thighs, as his hands start getting the first stocking up over your knee has warm hands now on your thighs and now with your legs spread he finishes just below your silky underwear, taking another deep breath and he tells u it's ok, to be turned on I am and u both laugh again. Not taking his eyes off yours as he rolls up the second stocking. Slowly massageing as he goes, up over your knee and you close your eyes, and moan softly as your cheating body betrays, your legs spread so he can roll them both right up to your now dripping wet panties, still with your eyes closed his hand brushes against your hot smooth wet panties, all your soon to b wife morals r now gone, as your grind your self onto his soft fingers moaning eyes closed, as he kisses your neck, his fingers now teasing your cheating hot pussy thru your wet panties. Whispering in your ear saying how much of a slut u look like, he pushes one finger under your panties and onto clit. Slowly teasing u. Your cheating ways have come back to u as you bit and scratch him. Moaning give me your hard cock, I want to taste u. As he stands u unbuckle his slacks and pull his impressive hard cock out. Now looking up at him, your eyes on his as u slip his huge cock thru your lipsticx covered lips, his eyes close and moans "that is slut fuck that feels amazing" as you give him your internal slutness, you moan on his cock, his throbbing cock now glistening with your saliver, he looks down upon u. Looks you in the eye " come hear my slut" as he lifts u to your feet and bends u over the couch you were just sitting on, now behind u he whispers, in your ear " I'm going to fuck u like the good little hoe u r" with that he grabs u by the hair with one hand and with his other hand he pull your dripping panties to the side. U can feel his hard cock brushing against your opening, u can't help it your body and pussy betrays u as u push your cheating tight pussy back bit by bit teasing him, and your self u both moan as his hard huge cock enters u, u can't believe it u r fucking him. Your body doing the work as it pushes back on to his cock deeper and deeper till he has filled your soon to b married tight pussy. Grinding yourself onto his cock like a slut. He is still whispering dirty thoughts to u.

Wen he tells you he is going to fill your hot body with come soon. Your body shakes, and pussy cotracts tighter and tighter, the thought of his huge cock coming deep in your cheating cunt pushes you over the edge, u scream "fuck me fuck hard I'm going to cum all over your cock" with that he uses your hair and pulls you back harder and harder faster and faster, your eyes roll back your body shakes as he holds u tight and pushes his cock deep as it goes, both not moving but or orgasming cunt is milking him dry, u can feel him cuming deep inside your cheating pussy filling u over and over.

Well that's all u get for now. Hope u enjoyed.