13 Nov 2019

Friends once asked me if I would date a friend of theirs. Their friend had separated from her husband and was struggling, and they thought that spending time with me may cheer her up, as they knew I had several girlfriends and none had any complaints. I said yes, I would be pleased to, and she came over to my place a few days later. We chatted for a while and I listened to how down she was, and decided I could help cheer her up. I shifted to sit right next to her, and lent over and nibbled her neck, whilst I kneaded her ample bossom. She responded immediately and a few minutes later we were naked in bed. She was short and solid, and I almost rolled her up in a ball and rolled her out of bed trying to roll her onto her back so I could get better access to eat out her pussy. She had amazing tattoos on her tits and loved to have her pussy eaten out. I probed her deeply with my long hard cock and she seemed to enjoy this too. I liked to play with her pussy lips, spreading them out and rubbing them gently until they were engorged and sensitive, then licking them in long upward strokes with firm pressure from my tongue, ending skirting around her clit. She loved me to finger her deeply as well, and I did enjoy this. Her breasts were amazing and I kneaded them and pulled gently on her nipples and they were sensitive so this left her very aroused. Cumming inside her and watching my cum drip from her wet pussy was an absolute delight. I saw her a number of times over a month or so before she decided to relocate to Brisbane for a fresh start from her husband. You can see video of her in my media – Bree.