Written by Colt

17 Jan 2011

A very funny thing happened on Christmas eve, my friend and I were in the lounge room in the middle of some very hot foreplay when we heard a key being inserted into the front door. Jenny said shit that must be Karen (her daughter), you can imagine the panic collecting all our clothes, we picked them up and scurried down the hallway to Jenny's room where we quietly proceeded to dress so as to make a dignified entrance back at the lounge thinking we would reluctantly join Karen

for an evening of television. Walking hand in hand down the hallway Jenny suddenly stopped holding a finger over her mouth saying shush. We could hear laughter and dirty talk comming from the lounge room as we crept towards the doorway we could now hear Karen softly moaning and then we could see a guy was laying on top of her as she lay nude spread eagle on the lounge, I could see part of her right breast and I began to tent up as Jenny grabed hold of my now stiffening cock.

The couple on the lounge traded places and Karen took his erect cock in her hand, then went down on him, taking his cock in her mouth. The guy began moaning as she continued to suck on him, suddenly he made some clutching gestures at the cushions and advised her that he was going to cum. She took his cock out of her mouth and began to wank him off until semen came shooting out of his cock. After a few spurts, he dribbled to a stop and Karen continued for a short time to suck him clean.

She didn't rest, but lay down with her legs wide open, her pussy right in front of my view, like her mother her pussy was shaved nice and clean, her boyfriend positioned himself between her legs blocking our view, but by the sound of her moaning we knew what he was doing and it did not take long for Karen to cum moaning at a hightend pitch. The boyfriend wanted to slip his cock in her, but Karen would not let him with out a condom and despite his trying she was adamant and they soon dressed whilst Jenny and I quietly retreated to the bedroom where we fucked like a pair of rabbits hot from all the live action we had witnessed in the lounge room. I slept over that night and Jenny woke me with the most beatiful head job, proceeded with breakfast in bed. She told me that whilst preparing our breakfast her daughter had ventured into the kitchen as if nothing had happened and that she was going to the beach with her boyfriend, we spent the rest of the day lounging around the house and enjoying each others bodies several times, she said she wanted to send me home fully drained as we would not be able to get together until New Years Eve. But that's another story!