Written by Howard

3 Aug 2013

I went to club x for some cock as I hadn't had any for so long, and as usual there was only one guy in there. I sat in the same room as him, and as he was watching the tv with porn, I just kept looking at his crutch from my chair a bit away from his. He pretended not to notice, but after a while he put his hand on his cock and started to rub himself through his pants, and I just kept looking at it and licking my lips. After about 5 mins he got up and came over to my chair and pulled out his cock, and without saying anything to me, he sticks it in my mouth. It was a med/large thick one with a big knob, and I couldn't get it all in my mouth. Anyway as I was sucking his cock and balls, and another guy comes in the room and walks over to us, holds his cock and starts to guide it in and out of my mouth, which was nice, so I leaned over and started playing with his cock while I am sucking on the other one. We did that for about 5 or ten minutes with us all fiddling with each other, and then the other guy leaves the room. So then I started to really work on that lovely cock I had in my mouth, giving it the best treatment I could to make him blow. All of a sudden it happened, and before I know it I could feel this surge of warmness in my mouth and he was cumming a nice good tasty load into me. It was delicious and I sucked every last drop out of him. He goes back and sits in his chair, and I got up to see where the other guy went. I was walking past the toilet room and he was standing over the toilet, with his cock almost a full stiffy but not quite, and he was letting little bits of piss squirt in short bursts. So I went in there, got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I began to suck his cock and he let a little burst of piss go into my mouth. I groaned with pleasure to let him know that I liked it. Then he let it go full bore and it was squirting full force into my mouth, which left me gasping and I couldn't help but swallow some. He stopped then, and let me empty my mouth into the bowl, and then let fly again with another hot stream, and same again I was gasping and drinking lovely, salty warm piss. I kept taking it in bursts, and he had so much piss in him that he went about 10 or 12 full on big bursts of piss into my mouth, and it was running down my chin and shirt, and even down further into my crutch. It was sooooooooo nice. When he stopped pissing, I kept sucking his cock but he pulled it back in his pants, and led me to another room where he made me sit in an old lounge chair in the corner. Then he took his pants off, and stood up on the front edge of the chair and leaning forward, pushed his hard cock into my mouth. I was giving him a beautiful headjob for about 5 minutes and didn't seem to be making headway, when all of a sudden he let fly with a load into my mouth, that was squirting so strongly I could feel the spurts gushing against the roof of my mouth, and like his piss it just seemed to keep cumming. I was groaning with delight, and it was surely one of the biggest loads anyone has ever shot into me, and my mouth was so full I couldn't swallow it all at once, and some dribbled out around my lips, which I pushed back into my mouth, until he had finally finished. He got up, put his pants back on and left, and I was so full on cum, but still wanting some more. I went back into the room where the 1st guy was, sat back in the chair nearby, and got talking about things that led to us and sexual like and dislikes. He told me he cums 3 or 4 times a day and after a while asked if I wanted to try his cock again, so I got on my knees in front of him and blew him again but this time it wasn't so good and he took a long time to blow a small dribble of cum that I dint even feel coming, or could hardly taste. I was happy though with what I had. I did hang around for a while, and sucked of one more guy about 20 mins later that was also an ordinary load, so I got up and left. I hope to be going back soon for a repeat, but having been there many times before I know that was just a lucky day for me, and it might be a while before I can better that day.