Written by Ariane

2 Jun 2016

For propriety sake, we had booked separate rooms at the romantic B&B on the southwest coast. After all, we had been set up by mutual friends only the month before and were still feeling our way toward love. We had had a minor disagreement at dinner and returned to our respective rooms to consider the importance of this first 'bump' in our growing relationship.

Serendipitously, we both got out of bed and put on our robes at about the same time. We ran into each other in the hallway outside my room and momentarily stood gazing at each other, then, without warning, we were in each others arms and his lips were pressed against mine. My mouth opened in invitation and his tongue teased mine. This was no ordinary kiss. Desire for him washed over me. He tasted of after dinner brandy and passion and longing, and I moaned as my body molded to his while his mouth explored, pillaged, and claimed me.

He scooped me into his arms and carried me into my room, shutting the door with his foot. I was suddenly overwhelmed with wanting and needing and aching for him. I had know it would be right with him by the end of our first date a month before. He set my feet on the floor next to the bed, and our hands were soon everywhere on each other's body as we resumed our deep kiss.

I tugged on the sash of his robe until it opened, then pushed it off his shoulders to reveal he was naked underneath. He shrugged it off and it fell to the floor. His passion for me plainly evident when I looked down below his waist. He quickly slid my robe off me and tossed it aside, then hurriedly fumbled with my nightgown, finally pulling it over my head. We briefly stared at our respective nakedness with approval, then slid into each other, kissing with our lips and exploring with our hands.

He quickly found the evidence of my arousal with his lips around my hard nipples and the moisture between my legs with his probing fingers. He pulled me tightly into him and his cock nestled in the 'V' at the top of my thighs, its hardness promising delights soon to come. As we kissed, he gripped my bum with both hands and lifted me up. My legs instantly wrapped around his waist and my hands snaked around his neck. The movement pushed his cock against the hard nub between my legs. My head rolled back in reaction and I moaned as he turned us to climb on the bed.

In one swift and fluid motion, he set both of us down, me on my back and him between my legs. We stared with unbridled passion at each other, our faces mere inches apart. He whispered, "I want you now." I nodded my permission and he raised his hips. I reached down between us and guided his impressive hard cock to my wet entrance. He pushed gently and the head slipped between the lips. He advanced it up me in slow, measured strokes until I was fully penetrated.

The feeling of fullness was heavenly and I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he pulled back almost entirely, then eased into me again, then did it repeatedly. His strokes were agonizingly slow and measured, and I felt every inch of him within me. Using my legs, I pulled him deeper into me, my body throbbing around his pulsating cock. I moaned his name and he responded in equal measure, murmuring softly, "I want this to last all night."

He gradually moved faster and harder and deeper. I rocked my hips against his, our movements soon growing frantic. He thrust into me again and again, and I met his passion with my own. My need equal to his. Faster and harder and hotter. our movements were in a rhythm that was natural and primal. I felt an intense passion building and I wanted more and more. I ached for release and knew it was close. When, moments later, it over whelmed me, it shattered me. I loudly cried out and my back arched upward against his rapidly thrusting body. As the passion of orgasm rolled over me, my body shuddered again and again with wave after wave of exquisite pleasure.

I soon felt him thrust hard into me one last time as his muscles tensed like steel. He gasped loudly as his body shuddered with his climax. I felt spurt after spurt of his hot liquid essence filling me, until his body stilled. We clung to each other in the afterglow of passion as we slowly recovered, he still in me and my arms and legs now wrapped loosely around him. For a long time neither of us moved except for the small delicious movements of his half hard cock ever so slowly thrusting into me and my internal muscles ever so slowly squeezing it each time. And when even that movement finally ceased, I reveled in the feel of him half buried inside me. We were one with each other.

When he finally rolled off, our bodies lay 'spooning', with him curled around me as we lay on our sides, the back of me tucked into his protective body. The last thing I remember was falling asleep like that. When we awoke the next morning, our bodies were still wonderfully entangled together, and we soon repeated the delights of the night before. When we finally quit the bed and shared our breakfast, we knew we belonged together.