Written by Cereus

12 Nov 2017

This was a long time ago. I was single, well as it turned out I was between marriages. I was living in a regional Queensland town. I had just broken up with my wife of ten years and was lonely and horny. The marriage had not been great for a long time and I had not had sex for a long time. When I was suddenly free I started having a number of brief encounters, usually on Friday night after the pub or night club. It was nearly always a lot of drunken fumbling and waking up next to an embarrassed stranger the next morning.

One Friday night I was drinking with a group of friends. We were joined by another group of people, whom I did not know, but they were friends of friends. After the pub, a few people cam back to my house to round the evening off. At about one they started leaving, a couple of cabs were called and all but one had gone. She surprised me. I had chatted to her and been gently warned off by a mate, he said that she was married to a very jealous bloke. However here she was.

We had more wine and talked in the candle light for a while. she sat beside me on the couch. Her husband was out with his mates, and she knew that he was "fucking other women". We hugged and cuddled for a while, not speaking. Then we started kissing, her hands quickly found my cock through my jeans. I fondled her breasts, my hand under her top. She was gorgeous. Then as suddenly as it started she stopped.

"I'm sorry..." she pulled away.."You're really nice, and I really want to, but I'm married." I pulled away a bit, and apologised.

"No, I started," she said as she stroked by reddening face with her cool smooth hands. "I know, this isn't fair, I am really sorry, but I don't want to be as bad as him!" she went on "I need to maintain the moral high ground here".

"That's ok" I lied, my cock was throbbing and my balls ached like I had been kicked.

She stood up, "Is that your bed room?" I nodded, she held my hand and lead me into my bedroom. "I can't leave you like this, I'd feel terrible... it must be so frustrating for you..."

She asked me to get undressed, while she found my candles and lit them. "OK lay down."

"You have a nice penis, and you're circumcised. Wow, that is so neat. " she took off her top and bra, exposing her gorgeous firm breasts.

"I'll show you how I satisfy my husband when he is horny like this..." My cock ached to be touched. I nearly came at her first touch.

She stroked my cock and balls slowly and gently, talking to me softly, telling me how much she loved cocks. "You are about the same size as Graham,"... she had both hands wrapped around my shaft with just the head exposed. "He isn't circumcised though, so I have to be careful when I pull him like this."

She stroked and talked, and stopped every time my breathing quickened or my cock throbbed nearing climax. She was an expert. She told me that her first lover was an older man, 21 when she was 17. He taught her about his cock and how to masturbate and suck him. She said that she loved his semen, she said it is the sexiest stuff. He was also very experienced and showed her cunnilingus. Soon, pre-cum was running freely from my cock.

I was fondling her breasts as she edged me expertly. Suddenly she stopped and dropped her skirt and pants, her brown pubic hair glistened with her juices in the candle light. She straddled me on the bed and positioned her cunt above my face as she took me into her mouth. I reciprocated and came the instant my tongue touched her hard clit. She drank my cum greedily as she came, my face soaking in her sweet juice.

She sucked me gently until my cock was soft in her mouth. We lay naked together cuddling and talking softly. After a while we started masturbating each other, we both came quickly and loudly. This was so exciting.

I saw her again a few weeks later, this time we shared a taxi back to my house, I had already cum once before we even started this time. She was an incredible woman. We never actually fucked, but enjoyed oral sex together a few times.

Years later I found that she had divorced and remarried. I hope that she is happy, I know that her husband should be...