Written by newbiecouple73

12 Aug 2012

Continued from Marto4Sammy story Our 1st mfm

(On entering the house, Sammy came out of the bedroom in a denim skirt which was raised showing her exposed ass. Her tits stood proud and tall as she said hello to me. She really was very pleasant on the eye). Now to continue the story....

After Sammy pleased both myself and Marto. Sammy needed a drink and a chance to catch her breath. I enjoyed watching her walk around the lounge room. Her nice legs and bum really excited me. Sammy has such great breasts which stand proud and lovely big nipples. Sammy's pussy felt so good as I fucked her. She was lying on the table sucking Marto as I stroked in and out of her.

After her drink, a decision was made to go into the bedroom. I followed them both in and both the guys lay on either side of Sammy. Our hands were on her body, touching her. She then got on her hands and knees. She started sucking Marto as I rubbed her pussy and finger fucked her. I loved looking at Sammy wiggling her cute butt as she sucked Marto. It wasnt long till I could hear Marto moaning and then I felt Sammy's warm juices over my hand and drip onto the bed. She then lay on her back and Marto got in between her sexy legs and started fucking her. As he did this I was hungrily sucking on her great tits. Nibbling on the nipples and squeeing them. Marto fucked her then asked her if she wanted me to do the same to her, which she agreed. I climbed between her legs after putting a condom on and slid into her inviting pussy. I started off slowly fucking Sammy as she and Marto kissed passionately. Sammy moved with me and her pussy greedily took my cock. I quickened the pace and came enjoying Sammy's delighful pussy. I was so happy to be involved in Marto and Sammy's first mfm. They are a lovely couple.

I am looking forward to having many more experiences with Marto and Sammy and so is my wife.