Written by Olderdog

20 Dec 2010

I was about 27 at the time and she must have been in her late 40's. I was atending a training college in connection with my employment and she had the contract to suppy meals to college stuents and staff. Being form the country I had no where to go for the weekends like the other resident so myslef and 3 or 4 others stayed in house. The carterer's contract did no include supplying meals on the weekends although she was there preparing an order for her suppliers for next week. I walked into the kitchen area looking to make a cup of tea, and finding her there got to chatting and also made her one as well. She was a well built lady of european heritage. WIth nothing else to do I offered to give hr a hand as pencil boy while she check her stock. That chore completed and the banter going back and forth we ended up in the cool room where on seeing her bent over in her figure hugging skirt i took the chance and stepped up behind her my already hard erection visible under the shorts. She couldn't help but feel it pushed against her rear, she stood up quickly and i slipped my hands under her arms and grabbed her breasts in both hands.

Kissing her on the back of the neck at the same time. aShe lent back against me and reach behind and started to massage m6y throbbing member.

Turnng her around our lips met and our hands were all over each other. She fumblng with belt, zipper button resulting in my shorts soon enng up around my ankles I gently pushed down on her shoulders she dropped to her knees and started giving me some of the best head I had had in a while.

Enjoying the sensations of her mouth and tongue she soon had my rock hrd cock slick with her saliva where she then lay back on cool room floor and pulling her knickers to the side allowed me to go to my knees and enter her. Humping like animals......... with in a short time I emptied out deep inside her, and lay exhausted and soaking in her for a short time then we quickly got dressed and left the coolroom.

Later that day she came to the verandah where I was enjoying a cuppa with fellow scholars. Without batting an eye about our earlier encounter she asked us all if we would like to come to a B-B-Que at her house that night........ but then that is another story.