Written by Behindcloseddoors

27 Mar 2014

My girlfriend and I have been together for a while and in the past few years we've slowly been introduced to the world of swinging.. We've both had our secret fantasies but neither of us really told one another much about what our fantasies and desires... My girlfriend (a) has always had a thing for black guys and has always wanted to f#%^ one. A few weeks back I meet a guy online that fit her description, anyway we got chatting and for a few weeks and got to know each other.. I told him how (a) has always wanted to be with a hot black guy and that I was cool with it but she never took me serious so iv decided to take matters into my own hands and organise an early surprise bday present for my gf.. Anyway a few week ago I got a hotel room in the city and meet up with him and played a few scenarios on how I could get this to work.. We where both a little nervous coz we didn't know how (a) would take it, so I cut him a spare key to our room and told him to wait down stairs till I called him... (A) was on here way to the hotel not knowing any of what was about to happen...when she arrived I was already down stairs waiting for her, she jumped out of her car and we made our way up to our room, as soon as we walked in started kissing her and telling her I had a surprise for her with a cheeky smurk on my face and told her to wear these sexy red lassies I brought her. So anyway she went into the bathroom to put it on. As she made her way to the bed she told me how horny she was....

I started to kiss her and rub her nipples through the lass, I started work my way down to her nipples and as I sucked on them I could feel her getting wet so I started rubbing her lips and clit.. While I was fooling around I asked her how she would feel for another guy to watch us, she was so horny and geed up she mentioned that he could do more than watch with a grin on her face.. I asked her what her reaction would be if a black guy walked in while we where in the middle of fucking and she said that if it was ok with me that she would keep going.. So I msgd him and told him to make his way up stairs and come in quietly. 10 mins later I had (a) on top of me riding my shaft and I heard the door open and made out like nothing happened to see her reaction, she slowed down a bit but wen I didn't mention anything she kept going.... As she lifted her head up to look behind her she seen this hot black stud standing there stroking his cock while watching her wet lips go up and down my shaft, she was a little stunned but kept on going and I whispered into her ear if she liked her surprise and she had a smile from ear to ear..... I'll let your imagination figure out what happened next :).