25 Nov 2017

So let me tell you about a woman I met a few years ago from a different dating site.

Bel was a small woman, surfer blond hair medium length hair, stunning blue eyes, mid thirties, super fit, tight small ass, flat chest and a tounge ring (omg yum)

After a lot of chatting and texting back and forth and a few coffee dates Bel finally agrees after a month or so to come over for dinner.

Anyway after dinner and a lot of flirting we sit on the couch for some kissing and groping, then she suddenly straddles me, grinding her pussy against my now rock hard erection.

Bel is going to town, grinding faster and moaning loudly between passionate kissing and quite obviously makes herself cum.

She must’ve really needed that release but gets quite embarrassed and mutters that nothing else can happen.

Well I had other ideas and had started sliding my hands inside her panties to feel that soaking wet pussy. I adore that first feel underneath lacy panties to find her shaven and slippery wet - mmmmm I finger her for a while which she is enjoying but she pulls my hand out and sucks my fingers clean of her juices. She then leaves which is super weird but only makes me crave her more.

Gotta run for now but I’ll post some more later...