26 Nov 2017

So it was a few days later, after a lot of texts that we meet up for coffee in Mooloolaba around 10am and it’s not long before Bel invites me to come check out her apartment and massage studio (did I mention she was a sports masseuse?) which is a few blocks away.

Once we get inside we have some awkward chat in the kitchen before we pash and I get my hands down her panties again. She takes my hand and walks to her bedroom which is just a double bed on the floor.

Immediately she unbuttons my shorts to kneel down to start sucking me off.

Well the tounge ring did prove she was a pro, cupping and sucking on my balls she had me ready to cum very quickly.

We got rid of the rest of our clothes so I could finally see her gorgeous pussy and tight ass. She still wanted to suck me off so I pulled her on top so we could 69 and with her tasty juices and expert sucking it wasn’t long before I blew my load.

She turned around and I pulled her back up to have her sit on my face , getting some fingers inside her she let out a deep moan that continued into a lot of heavy breathing and screaming. Yep I’d found a screamer and in this apartment block if anyone was home they were hearing it.

It’s great for the ego to have her screaming like that, I’m not sure if she came for real or not but she was enjoying it and she gush a bit of wetness.

She moved down and guided my cock inside her bareback - my favorite and she states she’s not on the pill I’m not to cum inside her. Damn this makes me harder than before and she rides on top for a while before squatting into a cowgirl position.

I’m in heaven and about to cum so I slide out from under her and turn her over on all fours. I need to slow down for a sec so I fingerfuck her pussy for a while, making sure I push down on her g spot.

Bel is bucking and grinding and screaming all over, trying to move away just as she cums to release a small squirt. Damn that’s hot, I pull her back up to get inside her and start pounding away.

Such a small bum, it was a great sight to see myself slide in and out her wet and tight pussy.

It not long before I tell her I need to cum and I want to cum in her mouth again. She asks me to lie down and starts to wank me off, licking and sucking on my shaved balls.

She is such a pro she has eye contact as she is doing it and asks if I am enjoying it. She mutters something that she’s heard some guys like this.

Bel starts to rim my ass with her tounge - WOW - then lifts my cock and takes me in her mouth as she probes a finger in ass, sucking my cock and milking my prostate :) this is why I’ve never forgotten her.

Hands down the best blowjob and fuck session I have ever had.

We kiss and cuddle for awhile before we head to the shower. A lot of kissing and groping and she asking a few strange things like “ how many fingers do you think you can get inside me” , “ You can never do anything anal to me” and “ did you cum inside me”

Anyway we get dressed and are having a drink in the kitchen when the awkward talk returns and I ask if she wants me to leave as it’s kind of clear she is wrapping things up and she says “yeah my friends are coming over once they pick up my daughter from school” we laugh a bit and I leave happy.

There’s a part 3 to come later.