9 May 2015

"Oh, Baby, drive your fat cock into me, fuuuuck me! Ric, FUUUUUUCK ME!" Shona screamed, writhing in ecstasy and strong orgasms, dragging her nails across the heaving back of her horny stud. Ric was pumping his sexy body deeply and savagely on top of and into Shona's curvaceous body.

Ric slammed, again and again, his lovely fat cock deep into the sweetness of Shona's brutally stretched, smashed cuntal chasm, her legs locked around Ric's waist, Shona's hips were heaving in a frenzy of carnal desire and lusting passion,

The large bed groaned and creaked as this scantilly clad, sexy woman, wantonly fucked back hard onto Ric's big delicious fat cock.

Ric suddenly pulled his purplish, bulging veiney cock out of his writhing rampant slut's tight, satiny cunt and moved up on his knees, straddling her flat belly. Ric grabbed roughly, her big soft breasts, Ric pulled them apart, sandwiched his slick creamed cock into the deep warmth, between the quivering globes of white sweating flesh.

Thrusting his hips lewdly, he stroked and primed up his thick bulging, aching cock, pumping back and forth, back and forth, between Shona's silky, hot breasts. Ric's cock was long, it mashed against Shona's chin each time he thrust forward and Shona greedily licked the precum from the end, each time it was close. The powerful thrusting, leaking cock, aiming at her face was driving Shona wild but Ric was the one to let go...

"AWWWW, FUCK!" Ric roared huskily, tossing back his head, "I GONNA PLANT MY LOAD, BABY! I'M GONNA COVER YOUR FACE! OHHHHH SHONA!"

Shona squealed, opened her mouth in delight, stretching her wet, open lips wide and pushed her tongue out...Heavy creamy jets of thick, hot semen exploded in long ribbons onto Shona's face, tongue and neck. Ric's swollen pumping cock showered Shona's face with cum, Shona was sexily lathered in Ric's sexy lusting splatter...Shona laid her head back as Ric slowed his thrusting and his creamy flow ebbed, Shona's creamy smile shone up at Ric.

Job well done!