6 Jun 2017

2 years ago we were on a 10 day South Pacific cruise and I had been at my wife Dee to loosen up and bring others into our relationship which she was reluctant to do, Anyway as the cruise approached I was feeling more optimistic but didn't push it to much. The day arrived and we set sail it was January so quiet hot, Dee is 56 in good shape for her age with big Tits and a shaved pussy i am 57 also in good shape average size cock, Dee didn't know but I was very bi curious.

We had great fun so far met a lot of nice people drank and danced till late every night and then went back and had great sex just the 2 of us, on the 7th night we met a couple of guys from Spain both about 35 tall with great bodies obviously worked out.

Dee took a real liking to one of them we drank ( a fair bit) danced she danced with one of them a fair bit and dirty dancing, end of the night back we go and great sex i asked her about this guy while I was fucking her to my surprise she said he was really hot and fancied him she said when they were dancing he pressed up against her with his cock and this made her wet.

On the last night we met them for dinner Dee got really spruced up in a hot dress no bra and I didnt know until we were at the table when I ran my hand up her legs she had no panties on either and gave me a cheeky smile.

She whispered seen it was the last night and we wouldnt see these people again that she had a surprise for me, any way the night went on lots of drinking and dancing she was getting very drunk.

she was dancing with the guy she fancied and I noticed they were getting dirtier kissing rubbing crotches together and I noticed he had his hand up her dress,I was getting quiet hard.

She came up to me and said lets go back to the room soon as we got back we started kissing I removed her dress and we were getting passionate when there was a knock at the door she smiled at me and said open it.

It was the guy she fancied by then she was laying on the bed stark naked, he went straight over to her and they started kissing she wasted no time getting his gear off and fuck he had a 8 inch cock it looked so big next to me, by then I was naked as well,she immediately took his cock in her mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow.

By then she was begging for it I laid on the bed and she straddled my face and sucking my cock I then had a perfect view as he entered her from behind as she let out a yelp as it all went in her, i continued licking her clit as he went in and out of here then the most amazing thing happened to me he gently withdrew and I started licking and sucking his cock before putting it back in Dee, I think she was a little shocked that I had done that.

Finally he cum in her as she writhed and moaned in pleasure he then withdrew from her she got off me and watched as I sucked and cleaned him up.

he then got up got dressed and left I said to Dee how was that to which she said was the best thing she had ever done and asked me how long have you liked cock I just smiled, we made love another two times before going off to sleep boy she was sloppy by then.

In the morning we got up showered and departed the Ship without seeing her friend again which is what she wanted as she said she would have been embarrassed to have seen him now she was sober.