Written by maryland34

1 Jul 2011

My wife and I are cruise addicts, always drink too much and eat too much and have fun.

Prior to our last cruise we had chatted about my wife hooking up with another guy on board for sex, we were talking about this nearly every time we made love,and it turned us both end no end, so we both agreed if the opportunity arose she would go for it.

Once on board there were lots of nice guys but as we were together as a couple no one approached my wife of course.

Each morning yo get a dily newsletter showing what events were on for the day. This day there was a singles greet and meet at oneof the bars, i suggested my wife go , and see if any guys chatted her up. I would go also but arrive seoerately and keep away so i could see if anyone approached her.

My wifes best assets are her 38dd breasts i reckon so she wore her black half cup lacy bra, which strugglesto hold her in, and a blouse, and we worked out, that if some guy hit on her she would undo one button too many as a flirt to the guy and a sign to me something was happening.

I was excited at the prospect, wife was excited at the prospect but nervous, so she had about 3 glasses of wine for courage, and said she would hook into the cocktails when she got there.

Well the guys outnumbered the girls about 5 to one in the bar and it wasnt long before she was chatting to about 5 different guys, and know and then she would smile at me as she drunk cocktails at a great rate of knots [nautical speak, lol]

She seemed to be talking to one guy in particular and after a while the other guys dropped off and she was chatting to him,

He went to the bar she looked over at me and unbuttoned her one button too manynandsmiled at me andr .aised her eyebrows, my heart was racing hoping something was about to happen.

When the guy came back straight away inoticed him looking down her cleavage, he must have said something as she loked down and laughed with him, and i noticed she was flirting with him and touching his arm now and then and standing very close to him . Then the conversation semed to get a bit more serious. I moved closer to try andeaves drop, as i got there, he left, i thought bugger,but my wife came to me quickly, and said she had told him she was married but wanted to have some extra fun ,and he asked her if she wanted to go back to his cabin, she asked if i was ok with it, i told her hell yeah go forit darl if you like him,and she moved away. When hecame back they left the bar holding hands. I stayed a little longer

then went back toour cabin, m heart and mind was racing. After abouty 20 mins i got a text 'he is in shower we are about to fuck, dont reply, hopeyou ok' was i ever !